IBM 23-10044-001 Fan

IBM 23-10044-001 Fan

IBM 13R2657 Fan

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Unit: 1 pcs
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Power: DC5V 0.25A
Condition: Original and Brand New
Warranty: 3 months, 30 Days Money Back.
Remark: Tested to be 100% working properly.
Product Introduction
The IBM 13R2657 Fan is a original fan designed to work with IBM 13R2657. The Hi-Quality battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for the IBM 13R2657 CPU Fan in quality, durability, and performance. All laptop fan are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This fan for IBM 13R2657 includes a one year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and fast shipping on all of our products.
How to Replace a IBM 13R2657 Fan?
Your laptop's IBM CPU fan is one of its most important components as it is the primary cooling unit for your processor. Proper cooling is essential for your Presario laptop because overheating can damage system components. If your IBM 13R2657 Fan breaks, it must be replaced immediately in order to prevent damage to your system from over-heating. Replacement of your IBM 13R2657 CPU fan can be achieved in several steps.

1. Power down your laptop computer and disconnect any peripheral devices, such as mice and keyboard. Unplug the notebook from ac adapter, including any external battery.

2. Remove the plastic hinge near the base of your laptop in order to remove the face plate.

3. Take off your notebook's keyboard by removing the screws that secure it to your notebook's base. There should be a minimum of four screws near the corners of your laptop.

4. Unscrew and remove the display unit of your laptop. There will be several screws near the base of the computer. Remove the screws, then disconnect the Wi-Fi and video cables that connect the display unit to its base. Once the cables and screws are removed you should be able to easily lift away your laptop's display unit.

5. Remove the faceplate that protects the internal components of your laptop. Depending on the brand of laptop, there will either be several screws or several plastic hinges holding it in place.

6. Unfasten and remove the IBM 13R2657 CPU fan from your laptop. The IBM 13R2657 CPU Cooling fan will be the large fan on the left-hand side of your notebook. It will be held in place by four screws; remove these with care.

7. Attach your new IBM 13R2657 CPU Cooling fan to your laptop's CPU by replacing the four screws you just removed.

8. Re-assemble your laptop and your operation is complete.

Please note: All products sold on brand new and 100% genuine.

More Information
Installation No
Model No
Part No. No
Processor Speed No
Processor Cores No
Warranty No
Dimensions (W x D x H) No
Weight No
Hard Drive Bays No
Form Factor No
Power Wattage No
Additional Processor No
Power Supply No
DVD Drive No
Network Controller No
Monitor No
Hard Drive No
Operating System No
Processor No
Processors Included No
Cache No
Power Supplies No
DIMM slots No
Memory Type No
Hard Drive Type No
RAID Controller No
Remote Console No
Processor Sockets No
System Type No
Recommend No
Memory No
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