Used HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Tower Server

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Used HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Tower Server

The Used HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Tower Server is a Dual-core Tower Server platform that is built with the latest Intel Xeon E5-2400 series of processors of 8 cores, 6 cores and 4 cores creating a unique system architecture. The HP ML350e server is embedded with the most powerful management technology with HP integrated Lights-Out 4 which allows you to manage servers from anywhere and anytime. Purchase this powerful Tower server from Cyberwala for this best buy price that is offered from nowhere and also gets 90 days risk-free warranty services, 24/7 support, and instant delivery.

Grade ‘A’ enterprise Tower Server:

The Used HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Tower Server bursts out with higher performance adding with impressive storage and memory capacities. This Server features a 5U form factor and the storage that is needed for largely growing Small-Medium business and Enterprises with prominent workloads. The HP tower server possesses a unique architecture that is suitable the best for remote and branch office environments.

Ideal Tower server For Growing SMEs:

This HP ML350e Tower Server has got the great storage capacity that is massive, making it a perfect choice for SMBs and enterprises with greater workloads. If your business has massive data to be stored and needs a powerful server that can accommodate and deliver exceptional performance, then Used HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Tower Server is an ideal choice to purchase from Cyberwala at the greater discounted price.

Dual CPU Powered by Intel Xeon E5-2400 Family:

The HP ML350e Server is a dual core that supports Intel Xeon E5-2400 series of processors. These series of processors provide new-age technologies for more efficient virtualization and enhanced protection of data and systems. Here are some of the processors that are compatible with the server, the processors with 8 cores such as E5-2470, E5-2450, E5-2450L processors, support DDR3 memory speeds of up to 1600MHz, 20MB cache, and up to 2.3GHz clock speed. 6 core processors with up to 2.4 GHz frequency, 15MB caches such as E5-2440, E5-2430, E5-2430L, E5-2420 and all support DDR3 memory speeds of up to 1333MHz. This server supports Quad-core processors such as E5-2407 (2.2GHz/10MB) and E5-2403 (1.8GHz/10MB) processors.

Scalable Storage Options:

The Used HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Tower Server is a scalable server which has room for up to 54TB of internal storage, 18 LFF or 25 SFF storage devices, It has 4 PCIe Gen3 and 2 PCIe Gen2 expansion slots for additional communications and storage expansion.

Flexible Memory Expandability for Performance:

With dual processors, the HP ML350e Server has the capacity to support 12 DDR3 memory modules and only 6, i.e., half of it in server with single processor. Both UDIMM and RDIMM are supported by this server. The SmartMemory modules available in the server are fully examined by the HPE to deliver power packed performance.

Multiple Memory Protection:

The HPE’s Smart Drive transporters have LED lights that give an indication of the status of the drive. The transporters can visually show the users about how to remove the drive securely by preventing the data loss from pulling the drives without any knowledge. There is another data protection method, i.e. HPE’s Data Archive and Migration Software where the businesses that require data retrieval or retention can opt for this as well

Power Efficient Tower Server:

This tower server is labelled as a power efficient server as the higher-efficient, and redundant power supplies are added resulting in the lower power consumption. The cooling system, i.e., the fans also consume less power than the previous Gen servers giving a reduction in the operational costs. When the server is composed of HPE’s 94% adequate common slot platinum power supply, the server will have a gain of 5% enhancement in the power competence by lowering your operational costs.

Quick Dispatch Available:

We at Cyberwala provide instant delivery, i.e., we provide you with an estimated delivery date and always stick to that date. We do not go beyond the due date, and instant shipping is available across various locations in India, to the cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc.

90 Days Warranty from Cyberwala:

On purchasing Used HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Tower Server from Cyberwala, you get 90 days free warranty service from us. Under the warranty period, you can seek for replacement of server parts in case of failure. If anything goes wrong with your server, inform us immediately so that we will run the accurate action to be performed.

Well-Equipped Technical Team:

From installation to quick updates and hardware issues to software installation, everything will be served by our support team. A strong technical support team can build great trust in the customers. We at Cyberwala have that strongest tech-support team who are quick and efficient in solving the issues related to the server.

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