terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

We request all our customers to read the sale’s terms and conditions before they decide to make a purchase of a product or avail a service listed on our website. You need agree to and accept the specified terms and conditions of the sale.

Description and Pricing of Products

Cyberwala intends to offer the best prices on servers and their components. Prices of the products, however, can change depending on the market, without any advanced notification. We do not assure that our prices are the lowest in the city, or other regions of the country. If the information about the product or its price is mentioned incorrectly on our website, then, we, at our discretion, will get in touch with you or cancel that order and inform you about the same. If the cancellation happens after payment has been processed, you will get a refund of the amount in the same account you used for payment, within a limited duration. The prices of all our products are final, and will not be negotiated.

The Process of Order

We, as the seller, accept any orders initiated by the customers on our website as final. We accept the order and dispatch the product to the customer’s destination, thus completing the contract between us and the customer. The order remains accepted until the customer cancels the order or we notify the customer about the order cancellation for a valid reason.

About Delivery

At our sole discretion, we deliver the products to the addresses given by the customers We verify the shipping addresses and pin codes before the payment is processed. If your location/area does not fall under the areas serviced by our delivery partner, you are requested to submit an alternative address for shipping, which is expected to be in our partner’s listed locations. You can order products on our website from any location in India. You can also collect your product from our premises after we notify you about it. When you order more than one product, we make sure they’re shipped together.

Liability Limitation

We are not responsible or liable for any damage or loss during the transit that was unpredictable at the time we accepted your order. We bear no liability for any damage or loss owing to a breach of the contract by you.

Order Changes or Cancellations

We always aim for the fastest possible deliveries for the products ordered by customers, no matter any location. As soon as an order is placed, it is sent to our warehouse where the process immediately starts for a quick product delivery fulfillment. In case, the order is not located after the start of the fulfillment process, we will not change or cancel the order.
If you decided not to complete the order with us for a change of mind for any reason, we will not accept that product or initiate a refund for the same. We suggest that you carefully preview your order before you add the product to the shopping cart and confirm it.

Return Policy

We accept the return of products (if you return, for example, due to a contract canceled under the consumer contracts regulations or you received a damaged product) only if the product has intact packaging and labels along with the address like before. You will be responsible for any scratches or damages on the goods because of insufficient packaging. You will also be liable for any loss or damage of goods if you transport them using a courier service of your choice, not our delivery partner.

Technical Support Availability

Cyberwala.com provides 24/7 technical support for almost all the products it sells. Some products require manufacturer’s support to understand how to use the product.


When you are purchasing Cyberwala.com products, it is important to choose the correct mode of payment. We accept NEFT transfers and all online payment options. Once the payment is completed, we deliver your products to the shipping address provided by you.

Warranty on Purchase

Warranty is an assurance that the seller gives on the product purchased. The warranty duration can vary for different manufacturers. If there is any damage, the customer can get the product repaired or replaced post-purchase without making any extra payment, within the time specified as the warranty period, under defined conditions.
We will not guarantee that the products listed on our website completely reliable, accurate, and damage-free.

Privacy Statement

Cyberwala makes sure that the data it collects from the customers is protected. If any changes are made to the information page, they will be added on the website, and notified to you through email.