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Are you looking for a powerful and high-performing Dell server? Do you want to manage workloads using the latest technologies? If yes, Cyberwala is the right place where you can find the latest servers designed with high-end configuration. There are many variants of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers available with us. The servers like Dell R430, R530, R640, R740, etc. are the Rack servers and Dell PowerEdge T440, T540, T640, T330, T430 etc. are the Tower Servers . These Dell servers are suitable for all your business needs and help in achieving maximum productivity. You can run multiple applications related to graphics without performance issues and store them without facing storage issues. Also, high-level computing tasks and other business-related daily routines can be handled effectively. We offer both custom-configured and pre-configured workstations. Purchase Dell servers of any variant from Cyberwala and experience the amazing features at low cost. Along with the safe and quick doorstep delivery, you can enjoy customized configuration for your server, free assistance by pre-sales team, free 24/7 support and great discounts.

Multiple Variants of Servers Available :

We have many variants of Dell servers available with us all of which delivers ultimate performance. Dell PowerEdge servers of 40 series like Dell R840, R940, etc and 30 series rack servers like Dell R930, R830, etc. and Tower servers like Dell T640, T330, etc. are offered. Dell servers enabled with Dell EMC technology executes complex computing tasks easily and helps in managing daily routines effectively.

Select Any Custom Configuration :

Do you have a specific configuration in mind that fits your business? Then let us know. We will customize the server based on your requirements. Processors, memory, storage, etc. can be specified so that you do not face those challenges during normal functioning of business. We offer great discounts on custom-configured servers too along with pre-configured ones and you can enjoy high performance at low cost.

Genuine and Approved Servers :

The Dell servers available at Cyberwala are certified by professionals. A free demo is offered if a refurbished server of the same model is available. With the free demo, you can get to know the server capabilities and verify if it suits your business requirements. With all the specs and pricing options available on the online store, you can decide on purchasing the suitable model for your business.

Suitable for all Workloads :

If you are into a business, be it high-level, mid-level or low-level, it is necessary to efficiently manage the day-to-day activities. Some businesses run into heavy workloads and these can be well-handled with the help of a server inbuilt with latest technologies. We help your business grow by providing the best servers. With the Intel Xeon processors, SAS/SATA/SSDs, and DDR4 memory etc. installed, the Dell servers function exceptionally.

Free Quote for Any Server :

Do you want to have a free estimate for the server? If yes, then contact us immediately. We understand that it is important to have a quote before you purchase. We will provide you all the details of the server with a free quote so that you can decide on buying the new rack servers. We also offer free estimates for the customized servers and these custom-configured servers are designed according to your IT budget.

Best price in the market :

The Dell rack servers are budget-friendly and best suits your IT infrastructure budget. With the high-end configuration, these servers deliver huge performance. We offer servers at a cheaper rate when compared with the other online retailers. You can place a single order or bulk; we offer the best-in-class quality servers. Also, we offer great deals and huge discounts on both customized and pre-configured servers.

Free Pre-sales Assistance :

If you are concerned about which server to buy, then contact us via phone, email or chat. At Cyberwala, this pre-sales assistance is provided at free of cost. Our pre-sales team would get back to you in a few hours with all the details and an estimate. They would suggest you the best server among the Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers and help you choose the right one depending on the business needs and budget.

Fast Shipping all over India :

Once you complete the payment from your end, we will verify and dispatch the server at the earliest. Usually, we deliver the Dell servers in 2-3 business days as we are partnered with the best courier service providers. We ship to many places across the country like Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. You can get the server delivered even if your office or home is in the remote area.

3 Year Warranty :

The refurbished servers at Cyberwala come with a one-year warranty. We assure that the servers are defect-free and deliver ultimate performance. If you face any issue with the hardware parts of the server within 90 days from the date of purchase, contact us immediately. We will either restore it back to the normal working condition or arrange replacement at no extra cost.


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