Shared Hosting

shared hosting

Shared Hosting

Are you looking for cost effective hosting services for your small businesses? Are you new to hosting and need a website to build your network? Then the shared web hosting might be the perfect solution for all your questions. Cyberwala proffers the best shared hosting services to its customers where a single server acts as a host to multiple sites. This can help you achieve your goals with minimum investments as the server cost is shared by all the users. Each of the users employing this service, might it be a linux shared hosting or a windows shared hosting, can have the access to all the system resources including the memory, processors and storage. Customers, from beginners to experienced developers, can successfully make best use of the shared hosting services. They can be benefited with the hosting site that is completely optimized and the SLL on shared hosting offers security to the website from malwares. Get in touch with us to know about the hosting plans that come with unlimited bandwidth, 100% uptime, constant supervision with better speeds and performance.

Suitable for Small Business :

Does your small business need a reliable web hosting service? Shared hosting has limited resources users can make use of but are adequate enough to run the small scale businesses efficiently without any hurdles. Shared web hosting is the ideal type of service for beginners, personal bloggers and small scale entrepreneurs can choose, as providers control all the necessary tasks such as handling infrastructures, security, performance and other website maintenance.

Cost Effective Hosting :

Why spend big bucks on servers while you can get your works done easily on shared web hosting at much cheaper prices? Users will be allocated abundant space in this cost-effective hosting service. Accept it or not, choosing the shared hosting services cuts your expenditure by large amounts and on top of that you get to make the best use of the pool of resources that can efficiently aid your business.

Easy for Beginners to Manage

If you are just new to the field, then turn to the shared hosting as it is really easy and comprehensible. As all the technical related issues are handled by the well-versed technicians, users can solely concentrate on developing their websites. Start-ups and beginners can effortlessly blend in and learn to manage their share of the work while all the administration and technical maintenance is taken care of by the hosters.

fully Optimized Websites :

Looking for a perfect shared hosting platform to run your websites? All the websites that are intended for hosting are completely optimized for delivering best performance to its end users. A fully optimized website improves the reliability and speed of the websites. Our hosting websites are tested under scientific methods and are modified to ideally serve the users even under high traffic conditions.

Free SSL Certification :

Shared hosting services provide a free SSL certificate for the users to protect their sites. SSL on shared hosting helps the online businesses and individuals to protect their data against any leakage of sensitive or crucial information to hackers or competitors. Users can share their data in encrypted form when their hosted site is secured by SSL. It allows users to implement safe and secure operations on their websites.

Firewall Security :

Our web hosting services also come with a firewall security for the comfort of our users. Firewall security effectively monitors traffic of the website and blocks the malwares. It offers better protection against the imposters and hackers besides conserving the privacy of the users. The websites having firewalls are shielded from keyloggers and trojans which spares the users to deal with unnecessary hurdles, ensuring smooth functioning of their sites.

Unlimited Bandwidth :

If you are worried about your website crashing, it is time to free your site from irksome throttling as the shared hosting services offer unlimited bandwidth to all your websites. Irrespective of the plan users choose, they will be benefited with unlimited bandwidth. With this users can gain access to seamless data exchange through their hosted sites at ideal data transfer speeds without website crashing even under heavy traffic conditions.

100% Uptime Guarantee :

Even for the beginners and small businesses, downtime results in a negative image of your website and can be a total turn-off for your visitors. Cyberwala provides 100% uptime for all their hosted websites. With this you don’t have to worry about errors and server failures. We make sure that our source servers are perfectly functioning with constant power supply and continuous monitoring at all times to provide you the best experience.

Round the Clock Supervision :

Cyberwala’s shared web hosting services offer constant support to all its websites. We constantly monitor and control the websites to provide security, update various softwares and manage control panel related issues. All the sites in the shared web hosting will be under constant supervision at all times to ensure their perfect functioning. We also provide constant technical support for all our customers to clarify any inhibitions related to the websites.

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