IBM Server Hard Drives

ibm server hard drives

IBM Server Hard Drives

Are you looking for a high-capacity hard drive to expand your server’s storage or for replacing the damaged or non-performing drive? Is the existing storage not sufficient to handle your read-intensive business applications? Then buy certified IBM server hard drives from Cyberwala and boost your server storage. IBM hard drives are designed with high data transfer rates and rotational speed that help you to work on storage-intensive applications. We offer SAS and SATA HDDs and SSDs of the IBM brand which with no doubt fulfills the storage requirements of your business. These IBM hard drives also provide advanced security for your business data and ensure that your data is safe and secured. You can find both refurbished and brand-new hard drives at affordable prices at Cyberwala. Place your order now with any configuration and enjoy the additional benefits of discounts, free remote installation assistance, safe and quick doorstep delivery, and an assured warranty.

Choose Hard Drive for Any IBM Server :

No matter what model of IBM server your organization has , you can find compatible hard drives for your IBM server from the broad range of hard drives listed at Cyberwala. We are offering hard drives for all the IBM servers like IBM X3100 M5, X3100 M4, X3300 M4, X3500 M4, X3550 M4, X3250 M4, X3650 M4, X3530 M4, IBM HS22, HS23E, HS23 Blade Server, etc.

Wide Variety of Drives in Stock :

At Cyberwala, we are offering SAS & SATA HDDs & SSDs in both LFF, SFF variants. Depending upon the size of the drive bays in your server, you can choose the best hard drive for your server from the extensive collection of 2.5” AND 3.5” drives. You can even install 2.5” drives in LFF bays with the help of caddy converter .Contact our pre sales team if you want our assistance for picking up the ideal storage drive for your business application.

Boost Up Your Server Storage :

Do you want to add more storage to your server? Then the IBM server hard drives available here are suitable for storing huge amounts of data related to your business. With the latest HDDs and SSDs, now you can accelerate the performance of the server and enable it to transfer the data at high speeds. You can efficiently manage your crucial business applications without facing storage challenges.

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Network Attached Storage or NAS is a data storage server connected to a network. NAS storage allows you to store and retrieve data from a centralized location where all the hard drives are connected together with the network in a NAS cabinet. With the powerful hard drives available at lowest price at Cyberwala, you can build secure NAS storage with less investment.

Advanced Security & Data Protection :

IBM hard drives come with sophisticated data security and data protection features that safeguard your business data from internal and external threats. These drives support various RAID configurations that help in recovering the data when there is any source data loss. Using RAID, you can create a copy of the same data in multiple hard drives which helps you to retrieve the data incase of any unexpected failures.

All Capacities with Part Numbers :

You can find hard drives of different capacities and part numbers at Cyberwala. Our stock includes hard drives of up to 16TB including 2TB,1.2TB, 1.8TB, 4TB,8TB and many more capacities. When you are upgrading the storage,it is mandatory that the part number of the drive that you are going to purchase should match with the existing hard drives of the server. Even if you want to replace an old one, the new hard drive must be of the same part number.

Free Remote Assistance for Installation :

Are you concerned about the installation of the purchased hard drives? Then, connect with us via phone, email or live chat. You can request for free remote installation assistance. One of our experienced engineers will get in touch with you and guide you with the installation of hard drives on your server remotely. They follow the manufacturing guidelines and help you to install the hard drive.

Best in Class Replacement Warranty :

We sell genuine hard drives that come with warranty coverages.All brand-new IBM hard drives carry one-year warranty whereas the refurbished ones come with a 90-days warranty. The warranty period starts right from the date of purchase. If you face any issues during this warranty period, reach out to us immediately. We will either arrange a replacement for the defective hard drive or restore it to the normal working condition by doing basic troubleshooting remotely.

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