DAS Storage Servers

das storage servers

Direct Attached Storage Servers (DAS)

Does your organization require dedicated servers for massive data storage demands and remote access to the files? If yes, the best choice is DAS Storage Servers which are available at affordable prices at Cyberwala and come with SSD and HDD drives to support huge storage applications. The database and virtualization workloads can handle very quickly, along with the storing of massive file systems, images, etc. The servers come with multiple RAID controllers that ensure data security, redundancy, and high-end performance. These storage systems are an ideal choice for critical I/O processing workloads and provide data backup benefits. 

Affordable DAS Servers with HDDs& SSDs

Cyberwala provides DAS servers at the lowest costs that support SAS/SATA HDD and SSD storage drives with a maximum internal storage capacity. The storage is highly scalable and helpful to fulfill your future business requirements without compromising on efficiency. 

Suitable for Running Huge Database Engines

DAS storage systems can support running high-end computing, virtualization, or larger database applications effectively with robust speeds. They deliver fast and secure results for any database engine, including SAP HANA, MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQL, etc. 

Supports Wide Range of File Systems

DAS systems provide sufficient storage for file transfers and massive data applications where multimedia data is used. It can store huge data collections, images, videos, file transfers, design files, high-intensity graphic files, etc., by accommodating large disks. 

Configured with High-End Raid Controllers

DAS servers include the logical and redundant arrays of independent disks called RAID controllers that reduce data loss, provide data redundancy, and improve performance. By choosing an appropriate RAID level, data protection has been provided. 

Automated Data Backup Option

The disk-based backup system is available for DAS servers to protect valuable data. It will take the file’s snapshots, save the information back to the disk drive, and allow the users to access the backup files and restore them. 

Ideal for Heavy I/O Processing

DAS servers are suitable for higher processing workloads by understanding critical I/O processes and eliminating the works’ bottlenecks. They are providing higher performance for data-intensive applications that need huge storage capacity while handling the data throughput. 

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