IBM Blade Server

IBM Blade Server

IBM Blade Servers

Are you in search of a powerful server for your start-up? Do you want to focus on your business rather than IT? Are you looking for an easy-to-use server? If yes for all, then go with the IBM Blade servers which can be said as all-in-one servers. These servers integrate storage, network, input-output, etc. units into a single chassis. The IBM Blade Servers do not require special wiring and they are designed with flexible modular technology. Whether you are into a large enterprise, mid-sized or a small one, the IBM Blade servers deliver required output and these are an economical way to grow and expand your business utilising the latest technologies. If you have less space and fewer resources, then IBM blade server is the right choice for you which helps reduce the space as well as IT costs. Sit at the comfort of your home or office and order your IBM Blade Server today. Enjoy the amazing benefits of Blade servers with a minimum investment. Get additional perks like free 24/7 and pre-sales assistance, customization, great deals and huge discounts, doorstep delivery and assured 3-year warranty.

Choosable Brand New Servers :

You can find many variants of servers like Rack, Blade and Tower servers at Cyberwala online store. We sell both the brand-new servers and used servers at affordable prices. You can select the server of your choice depending on your firm’s needs and IT budget. The IBM Blade servers come with features like cooling and management modules, automatic reboot during power cut, dual alternating power supply, low power consumption, etc.

Extremely Powerful Processors :

With the high-level processors on board, the IBM Blade Servers deliver impressive performance. The processor is a basic unit which is responsible for advanced computing tasks. With the support of more than one processor, the blade servers enable you to work on various applications simultaneously. To withstand heavy workloads, a server must be designed with robust processors and IBM Blade server is the right choice for such demanding business environments.

All Kinds of Configuration Available :

No matter if you want to buy a server of low-end configuration or high-end configuration, we offer all kinds. The IBM Blade servers like IBM BladeCenter HS23 Server, IBM HS23 (7875106) Blade Server, IBM HS23V, IBM HS23E, etc. are available with us. You can even opt for a customized server based on your firm’s essentials. All the IBM Blade servers require less resources and are developed to perform well without any lag.

Good Performance and Highly Reliable :

The IBM Blade servers offered at Cyberwala are genuine and reliable. They are easy to manage and help in reducing power consumption and infrastructure, other related costs. With the help of these new servers, you can handle day-to-day business activities efficiently. You can actually gain exceptional results like a sophisticated organisation obtains. Securing all the information also becomes easy with the help of these power-packed Blade servers.

Free Pre-Sales Assistance :

Do you have a specific configuration in your mind that can meet your business challenges? If so, contact us to get the server built with your required configuration. If you stipulate your requirements to us, our sales team will revert with all the details and a free estimate. And all this is done at free of cost at Cyberwala. We guarantee that the customised server is designed with standard quality hardware and software components and delivers ultimate performance.

24/7 Technical Support :

If you have any queries related to product specifications, billing and payment, custom configuration, pricing options, shipping status, installation, etc., connect with us via phone, email, or chat. Our executives will be happy to help you 24/7. There is a dedicated team of support staff at Cyberwala working round the clock to handle all such queries and provide you best-in-class solutions.

Quick and Secure Delivery :

We are associated with the top-level courier services and they help us deliver the IBM Blade servers to all the major cities in India like Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mangalore, Jaipur, Mysore, Indore, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, etc. and even to the remotest parts across the country. Once payment is made from your end, we ship the server within 2-3 business days following all the safety measures.

3-year Warranty :

The IBM blade servers come with a 3-years assured warranty. We ensure that you do not face any issue during the normal functioning of the server. But in case of any failure, reach out to us immediately. Our support staff will provide you an instant solution either by arranging a replacement or restoring the defective part to the normal working condition. Also, in case of any software application failure, we offer remote support.

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