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IBM Refurb Servers

Are you looking for a powerful server that enhances your business? Do you want to have a server enabled with the latest technologies? Are you a start-up trying to expand your business? If the answer is yes for all the above questions, then go with the Refurbished IBM Servers. You can find many variants of IBM servers at Cyberwala web store, number one online retailer for brand-new and refurbished servers. The refurbished IBM servers perform as intended and deliver required output in a short span. We assure that all the software and hardware components installed during the configuration of the server are of grade “A” quality and will never slow down. We sell both previously configured and custom-configured servers at affordable prices. Enjoy incredible performance of the refurbished IBM servers with the great deals and different pricing options available at Cyberwala. Also gain additional benefits like free 24/7 support, installation support and pre-sales assistance, huge discounts, doorstep delivery and assured warranty.

More Savings in Maintenance cost :

If you want to cut down maintenance costs, then choose refurbished IBM servers. We understand that your business comprises challenging demands and the revenue needs to be adjusted accordingly. In order to cope with such situations, you will need to utilise modern-day technologies and these servers do the job. With less investment, meet the challenges of your business in a most hassle-free way.

Different Kinds of Models :

Check out the Cyberwala web shop, a one-stop destination for all the models of IBM servers. The refurbished servers like IBM X3100 M4, IBM X3750 M4, IBM X3530 M4, IBM X3100 M3, IBM X3200 M3, IBM X3550 M3, IBM X3630 M3, etc. are available with us. All these servers are verified and are engineered to deliver great performance apart from enhancing your business.

Genuine and Certified Servers :

The refurbished IBM servers are intensively tested and then sent for the certification process. A team of professionals will certify the servers examining each and every part. Thus, you can rely on us for genuine and reliable servers. Cyberwala is a trustworthy online store for refurbished servers. These servers not only help in speeding up your business activities but also improve productivity.

Customize according to our needs :

Do you have a particular configuration in your mind that can meet your business demands? Do you want to specify processors, hard drives, storage options, etc. for the server? If yes, reach out to us immediately with all your requirements so that our experts’ team will design the server based on your firm’s essentials. We sell customised servers at cheap rates and you don’t have to worry about the prices charged for customization

 Top Performance Guaranteed :

Even with the help of refurbished servers, you can experience impressive performance. The advantage is that you can purchase the refurbished servers at low cost. Though the refurbished servers are used ones, we test all the components rigorously and then configure so that you do not face any performance lag. Thus, the refurbished servers’ function in a similar way that a brand-new server performs.

Best Price in the Market :

Do you want to have a server within your IT budget? Are you worried about the prices of the servers in the market? If so, check with the Cyberwala web store where you can find many variants of refurbished IBM Servers. Even if you choose a customized server for your business, we assemble the server based on your infrastructure needs and budget.

Installation Support Facility :

Worried about the installation of the server? Then contact us for free assistance once you receive the server. Cyberwala offers free installation support for the IBM refurbished servers. It is necessary that you install the server properly to get the required performance. The engineers at Cyberwala are well-trained and experienced. They help you get started with the server following all the manufacturing guidelines.

24/7 Technical Support :

Do you have any technical issues with the server? Get in touch with us. There is a team of executives working 24/7 to offer free support to the customers. If you have any query related to product specification, billing and payment, deals and discounts, custom configuration, shipping status, etc., you can connect with us via phone, email, or live chat. They will provide you with all the details instantly.

1-Year warranty :

The refurbished IBM servers come with a 1-year warranty and this warranty period starts right from the date of purchase. If you come across any issue with hardware parts of the server in one year, you can claim replacement. Also, the defective part would be repaired and restored to the normal working condition. In case of software failure, we will offer remote support.

Fast Shipping at your Doorstep :

With the help of top-level courier services, we deliver the refurbished IBM servers to many parts of India like Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Indore, Bangalore, Mangalore, etc. and even to the remote locations. We follow all the safety rules while packaging and sealing the server to protect it during transportation. We assure that the server will be delivered at your doorstep within 2-3 business days.

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