10G Cards

10g cards

Planning on upgrading to 10G cards? In search of a trustworthy platform that can justify your network card purchase? Take a look at Cyberwala 10G network card cluster that helps in creating a fluent and fast network connection among your devices. Get in touch with Cyberwala support right away to find a perfect 10G card for your server or workstation and buy them at the most affordable prices. Alongside, you can enjoy the additional benefits of free-of-cost installation and technical support at any time, a strict warranty, and prompt delivery to any place in India within 2-3 days.

Move Data Faster with 10GBE Speed

One obvious advantage of these 10G cards is that they offer 10 times the speed a regular gigabyte card provides. With these faster speeds, you can effortlessly work on high-end applications and carry out loaded data transmissions through all networks.

Wide Range of 10G Ethernet Cards

We have the finest collection of 10G network cards of multiple models to avail users of the speed and connectivity they desire at all times. Also, we come up with the most exciting prices on all our 10G network cards.

Ultimate Scalability in Virtualized Environments

Working on virtual machines and need a perfect source that withstands the further expansions of your workflows? Our 10G cards minimize your need for on-site servers by seamlessly supporting your virtualization environments and providing ultimate scalability in all work conditions.

Suitable For Any Brand Servers & Workstations

No matter whichever server brand and workstation model you need a 10G network card for, Cyberwala promises to proffer the finest. You can establish better network connections effectively and expect towering speeds by installing these 10G cards on your devices.

Fiber & RJ45 10G Cards with Modules

Cyberwala has both fiber and RJ45 10G cards in stock that help users significantly scale up their network performance to huge levels and help them transmit data, commands, and files over a secured channel without any data overlaps and losses.

Low & Full Height Bracket Height

Looking for the network cards that possess the potential to withstand high-end complicated workflows? Try our full height bracket, low profile 10G network cards that are specially designed for users who desire low latency, low CPU overhead, and high bandwidth.

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