Dell Server AMC

dell server amc

Are you looking for perfect AMC packages to keep the server functioning properly for a prolonged duration? Do you need an alternative for your expired server’s warranty? Want to decrease the annual maintenance cost of your server? Well, you can have access to all such functionalities with our Dell Server AMC. Grab it at half of the price that you pay to hire and maintain an IT infrastructure. We provide you with free repairs throughout the contract period. We have a wide range of Dell server AMC packages, and you can choose one as per your requirement at a modest price.
Our exclusive AMCs are precisely designed, keeping distinct customer needs into consideration. No matter if you have a Dell rack server, tower server or blade servers, with Cyberwala, you get AMC for all Dell PowerEdge Servers at one point. With our AMC annual package, you get a quick replacement for your non-functioning spares, round the clock services to reduce downtime, managed support and configuration upgrades.

AMC for All Dell PowerEdge Servers:

Dell has an immense range of servers such as Dell R610, T540, R530 Servers supporting distinct factors, cores, processors, storage and RAM capacity. The tricky part is monitoring these servers; the maintenance, upgradation are different from one another. You can pin your hope on our AMCs regardless of the type of server. Our AMC’s are flawless for all Dell PowerEdge servers.

Quick Replacement with Certified Spares:

Are you looking for a replacement for any specific spare part? You can count on our tested and certified spare parts. We believe in providing our customers with instant support regardless of time and space, and to accomplish this. Cyberwala provides you with a quick replacement for non-functional spare parts in a short period of time.

Affordable Charges for Configuration Upgrades:

Are you looking for configuration upgrades due to increased workloads? Your server may require configuration updates to cope up with the demanding application. When you choose Cyberwala’s AMC Dell Server service, you don’t have to pay an extra amount for configuration updates. Our AMC is available at affordable charges, covering your configuration upgrades, repairs, quick replacement, and much more.

Increase Your Dell Servers' Life:

When you choose our AMC package, our engineers keep an eye on your server maintenance, including software and hardware. You don’t have to think about the server downtime, maintenance, or server failure, as our annual contract has covered all of it around the clock. Your spare parts remain well-maintained that leads to enhanced functioning of the server with increased server life.

Fixed & Affordable Annual Package:

Are you worried about the expiration and renewal of your AMC packages? With Cyberwala, you can avail annual packages effortlessly. Besides, you get great offers and discounts on yearly AMC dell server packages. Our AMC packages are available for the entire range of Dell servers regardless of the type. Cyberwala provides you with the best quality services at the lowest price.

Reduce Expenses on IT Infrastructure:

If you are thinking of employing and maintaining an in-house information technology team, you must know it will cost you double compared to our AMC services. With our AMC, you get an instant fix and end-to-end support for any issue. Also, our tech team performs systematic checks to figure out potential threats to provide maximum productivity and uptime.

On Time Services to Reduce Downtime:

Are you looking for engineers that can maintain your server to provide you with maximum uptime? Our AMC services cover up numerous things for you, including monitoring your server to reduce downtime, hardware maintenance, upgradation, security checks and much more. Instead of relying on services that show up after an extended downtime, rely on our AMCs with continuous monitoring and instant services.

Managed Support at Low Price:

Cyberwala is well-known for providing high-caliber managed support at a nominal price. Our experienced engineers perform the maintenance services to ensure optimal performance. At Cyberwala, the tech team specializes in handling Dell servers. With our Dell Server specialized AMCs, you get 24/7 support throughout the year regardless of the server type, i.e., Rack, Tower, or Blade server.

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