Linux dedicated Hosting


Linux dedicated Hosting

Is your company looking for a robust and reliable dedicated server at an affordable cost? Do you want to install numerous free, open-source applications? Linux dedicated server’s hosting are the best solution for you. Choose Opex Servers for highly secured, scalable and powerful Linux dedicated server hosting to heighten your business performance. Linux dedicated servers are one of the most desired systems, and we offer cost-effective bust very reliable Linux dedicated hosting plans. On a Linux server, there is no limit on the number of websites you can host or applications you can run. Linux hosting is ideal for websites that are written in PHP, HTML or CSS or the regular WordPress websites. With SSD storage, data backup and restore backup provisioning, high-memory variations, firewall protection, advanced processors and network bandwidth of Linux dedicated servers, you can seamlessly handle any kind of workload — from a high-traffic website to a critical business application. Our Linux dedicated hosting provides you customized configurations with unmetered bandwidth, application installation and round the clock technical support. You will not experience any downtime as our servers are hosted in hi-tech Indian tier 4 data centres.

Multi-level Firewall Security :

Our Linux dedicated hosting provides multi-level firewall security that gives the best safety for your data and sites. Having the right firewall for your Linux server provides an added room for personalization of your server. Our Linux network firewall helps you control the incoming and outgoing site traffic. The multi-layered firewall security not only protects from malicious cyber-attacks but also allows valid connections between the internal and external networks.

Personalized configurations :

We completely understand the variations in our clients’ business needs; we offer personalized configurations for our dedicated Linux servers. Your needs for memory, storage, processors and network equipment may also vary. We custom-build the latest generation servers with Linux OS according to your requirements in terms of RAM, CPU, drives and other add-ons. We maintain a complete on-site inventory in our data centres for the best-dedicated hosting service.

Unmetered Bandwidth :

Our Linux dedicated hosting solution also comes with an unlimited and unmetered bandwidth option. With this, you never have to worry about the bandwidth overage during the unanticipated high traffic phases. Your server system continues to be available online, and it doesn’t impact your ongoing business operations due to any delays or network issues. We will never charge you anything extra for your high bandwidth usage.

No Downtime :

For every business, having an online presence and availability is essential for its success. You may heavily rely on your websites for initiating new business leads or earning profits through sales and advertisement revenue. Your business’ uninterrupted operations are our top priority. Our Linux dedicated servers are located in the most advanced data centres with modern infrastructure. We guarantee that you will not face any downtime or outage problems.

Application installation support :

Linux dedicated server is a super option for your business due to its unmatched customization and flexibility. If you want the best hosting for your site or are looking to configure a powerful server for gaming, Linux can make it easier for you. Whichever applications you need for your business, we provide complete guidance about the installation process and provide remote support if you have any issue installing the apps.

Hosted in Indian Tier 4 DC :

Redundancy and reliability are our primary concern, and that’s why we provide a 100% SLA uptime on our network, power and cooling. Our Linux dedicated servers are housed in tier 4 Indian data centres that offer double the redundant power. Our data centres are purpose-built to resist severe weather conditions and other crises. They also have round the clock security personnel available for complete security of your data.

Backup and Recovery :

We understand what impact can data loss have on your business and offer different options for its prevention. Our Linux dedicated server gives you options for hardware RAID cards or software RAID for extra redundancy to prevent any downtime and data loss from a drive failure. The Linux dedicated hosting is equipped with data backup storage and recovery options. The backup storage is monitored in-house for data validity.

24/7 Tech Support :

You can rely on us for quick responses if there is an issue with your Linux dedicated server. Our data centres have 24/7 on-site engineers, even during weekends and holidays. We always keep spare parts available on-site for a quick replacement anytime, if you face any part or hardware failure. We provide you with quality technical support and prompt replies to your queries or tickets relating to any issues.

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