Server Accessories

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Wide range of Server Spares :

Facing issues due to poor functioning of any server accessories? Instead of buying a whole new server, why not upgrade the damaged part and save your budget. Cyberwala has a wide range of server spares that can be the best fit for servers of all brands. Users can buy ideal versions of the best accessories that include storage, RAM, processors, adaptors, controller cards, cooling fans etc through simple buying procedures.

Several Brands of Servers :

Buy the server spares of top most brands without any hesitation. We have a huge inventory of the server accessories of Dell, HP, Cisco, Fujitsu, IBM and many more brands. Our best accessories possess high compatibility to tower, rack mount and blade servers of each and every configuration. If you have any doubts regarding server accessories, you can get in touch with our customer service who will be at your service at all times.

Genuine Spares of Servers :

Cyberwala never goes down the bogus line. All the server spares we put up for sale are hand-picked genuine products. We make sure that our customers don’t receive any counterfeit server accessories because our team pays attention to even the tiniest details of the components. Cyberwala has a collection of the best accessories available in the market that are in a perfect functioning condition and aid in improving your server performance to great extents

Fully Tested & Certified Spares :

Quality of the products we sell is and will always be our primary concern. Our server spares are carefully tested in their burn-in conditions to ensure their effective functioning. We ensure the perfect functioning of all the products before their dispatch. It is our duty to make sure that the customers receive our top-notch certified server accessories. We can confidently say that our best accessories can work efficiently and uninterruptedly for large amounts of time.

Best Price in the Market :

Cyberwala comes up with considerate prices on all our server accessories. The price lists of all the server spare parts are constantly in check and are updated frequently based on the current market conditions. We put forth the best prices compared to other merchants in the market that perfectly meet your budget constraints. We also offer free quotes to our customers for any server spares they wish to buy from us.

Excellent Warranty on the Product :

We abide by the warranty terms and conditions we stated while selling you the server spares. Each of the server accessories you buy from us is backed up by an excellent warranty plan. If any technical errors and faults in the products occur within the warranty period, we will provide an immediate replacement without any delay. The server spare will be at your doorstep before you even know it.

Fast Delivery All Over India :

Buy the server accessories of any brand and we can get it delivered at your destination within 2-3 working days. The products you ordered will be immediately packed to dispatch once we receive your order confirmation. You can rely on us for the safety of your server spares as we pack the product in multiple layers. Our delivery services are extended throughout India including major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and many more.

Free Remote Installation Support :

Cyberwala offers a complementary remote installation assistance to all of its customers. Different server accessories have different procedures and rules to obey while installing them in the servers. To spare you the time to go through all those procedures, our expert team assists you throughout the installation process. They ensure that the component is correctly installed in its allocated slot and working properly without any complications

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