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Rail Kits

Do you want to buy a powerful and sturdy rail kit that helps you to mount your server in Rack? Are you in search of a high-quality rail kit to co-locate the servers in your data center? If yes, then your search for rail kits ends at Cyberwala, a one-stop solution for different kinds of rail kits. We have all kinds of rail kits including sliding and fixed universal that can help you mount the server onto the rack. There is an extensive range of rail kits of various brands available at Cyberwala. We offer static and sliding rail kits along with free screws at a minimum price. With our latest rail kits, you can easily mount your server onto the rack and can maintain the server with ease. When compared with the other online retailers, we sell the rail kits at cheaper rates. The order required a quantity of rail kits today from Cyberwala and enjoy its amazing benefits like additional discounts, and safe and quick delivery.

Beneficial for Mounting Server in Racks :

If you are looking to fix the server on the rack, then rail kits would do the job. You can mount the server in a more hassle-free way using rail kits. You can fix Dell PowerEdge servers, HP ProLiant servers, Cisco servers, and Fujitsu servers etc. using the rail kits without any effort. No matter if you have lighter or heavier servers, we have all kinds of rail kits that can withstand both the lighter and heavier servers. Once the rail kit is fixed to the rack, it can hold servers of any size for a longer duration without getting damaged.

Ideal for Server Co-Location :

Do you want to co-locate your server in the data center? The rail kits available at Cyberwala are designed to co-locate the servers easily in the racks of any data centers. Whether you have a rack in your office or planning for co-location in data centers, just tell the server model that you have and we will help in choosing the best rail kits that are ideal for your servers.

Compatible with Leading Brands Servers :

If you are looking for a compatible rail kit for your server, then check out Cyberwala online store. The rail kits that are offered at Cyberwala are compatible with a wide range of servers from HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, etc. You can find the rail kits of different dimensions at a single place. All these rail kits can be well-suited for wide variety of Rack servers including HP DL160 G6 Server, HP DL180 G6 Server, Dell PowerEdge R710 Server , Dell PowerEdge R720 Server, HP DL380P Gen8 Server, HP DL360P Gen8 Server.

Sliding and Fixed Rail Kits Available :

You can find both the sliding and fixed rail kits at Cyberwala. If your server is mounted using the fixed rail kit, then it is necessary that the server must be fully removed if there is any maintenance work to be carried out. The sliding rails allow you to remove the server out of the rack similar to a drawer and you can perform servicing work even when the server is attached to the rack.

Strong & Durable Rail Kits :

At Cyberwala, we offer strong and durable rail kits made of good quality material. These rail kits come with screws so that you can securely fix your server onto the rack. The server specific rails or the rail kits for OEM servers are designed in order to withstand heavy server equipment.

Easy to Do Maintenance Work :

With the help of rail kits, you can effectively manage the server. You can eliminate the issue of tangling of cables with these rail kits. In case of sliding rail kits , when there is a requirement of maintenance or server checks, the servers can be pulled out of the rack easily. Also, upgradation work can be carried out.

Best Quality and Budget friendly :

The Rail Kits listed on the Cyberwala website are reliable, genuine, and have a long shelf life. These rail kits are of standard quality and defect free. If you are looking for cost-effective rail kits, you can find various rail kits at cheap rates. We also offer huge discounts on the bulk orders of the rail kits.

Fast Shipping Across India :

With the top courier service providers as our associates, we deliver the rail kits to many cities in India like Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, Mangalore, Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. Following all the safety guidelines, we package and seal the rail kits to prevent them from getting damaged during transportation. We deliver the rail kits at your doorstep within 2-3 working days even if your home or office is located in remote areas across the country.

90 Day Replacement Warranty :

The RAID controllers offered at Cyberwala come with a 90-days warranty. We ensure that the RAID cards are defect free and do not cause any trouble during the normal functioning. But, if you come across any issue with the RAID card during the warranty period, then reach out to us immediately. We will either provide replacement or repair the RAID card. All your issues will be resolved at free of cost within the warranty period.

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