Server Rentals

server rentals

Are you planning to start up a new business but don’t want to make higher investments in purchasing new servers for your business growth? The preferred choice is to use a server rental service at Cyberwala, which provides high-end servers for leasing purposes, which means you need not buy them. You can access the servers on rental for renowned brands such as Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, etc., ensuring effective performance as we have tested them through multiple processes. We rent the servers to test and enhance your applications based on specific requirements. If you want to achieve certain business goals, you can order a particular configuration of servers with leasing facilities and succeed efficiently. The leasing of servers is suitable mainly for small businesses and remote corporations to fulfill your business needs. You can also make changes or up-gradations to the servers to meet the demands effectively in any corporate environment.  

Efficient Servers from Leading Brands:

We provide a wide range of servers from popular brands like HP, IBM, Cisco, Dell, etc., for a rental purpose. If you want to start a small business or new project or for cloud, and gaming, you can select any server for lease or rental from Cyberwala. The available servers on the online portal are thoroughly tested and genuinely efficient to provide the optimal performance that maximizes business productivity. 

Quick ROI for Short Term Projects

Do you want to accomplish any small project or need to achieve business growth within a low budget? You can use the leasing option for servers because it helps to achieve faster returns on the investment. You can complete your projects effectively with the servers and receive excellent performance outcomes with improved business activities. Thus, you can easily reach your organizational goals without investing in higher costs.

Test & Develop Your Applications:

The servers on lease will allow you to test and improve your new web-based applications. You can perform different procedures with ease and efficiency under testing, including security testing, performance testing, interface testing, usability testing, etc. According to applications’ requirements, you can avail of customized servers that include rack, blade, and tower servers with variant configurations and features. The service will help you to develop the applications effectively.

Select Configuration As Per Your Requirement :

You can choose any specific configuration of servers from Cyberwala which offers a range of servers from low-end to high-end specifications. We are ready to provide any configuration options subsuming storage, memory, and processor to meet the business process’s designed goals. Our team provides the best servers within the affordable packages for the business configurations. You can quickly obtain desired performances with the chosen particular configured servers.

Good Option for Start-Ups & Remote Offices

We offer lending services of servers with the lowest rental packages. The rental option is suitable for small businesses and remote corporations as we provide special prices. The services can also be available for large SMEs, MNCs, banks, etc. We facilitate choosing the rental service for servers in different packages, such as short-term dealings on an hourly and weekly and long-term purposes like a monthly and yearly basis.

Upgrade Configuration when Required

When your business demands improved performance, you can upgrade the rented server’s configuration easily to achieve a business’s targets. All rental servers have various configurations with the availability of advanced software and hardware options. Based on a business’s requirements, you can change or upgrade the servers’ configuration at any time. The upgrading of servers will give optimized outputs and reach the objectives of any business. 


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