Dell Server Rentals

dell server rentals

Whether you need it at home, your small office, large enterprise, or at a data center, Dell servers are the ideal fit for all your IT needs. You may want to deploy a new application for business or virtualize your servers for HyperV and VMware deployments. Dell servers provide an efficient and effective platform for huge virtual environments and databases. They supply balanced resources and performance and can easily scale to adapt to the changing needs and business growth. Cyberwala offers a wide array of powerful Dell servers in all form factors on rent to help you save any upfront investments on buying new servers. With our rented servers, you can achieve maximized performance for any workloads. They are ideal for application testing and bring you quicker returns on your temporary projects. You can get these servers customized for your specific business needs. We offer attractive discounts when you opt for our long-term rental plans.

Huge Range Available for Renting

Our Dell server rental service offers a huge range of servers for rent. We have Dell PowerEdge tower and mini-tower series – single-socket servers that support one processor and provide greater flexibility and value. We also have PowerEdge rack servers for businesses that need multiple servers; one-socket rack servers provide steady performance and sufficient storage capacity for future requirements. Dual-socket servers provide a blend of features to boost performance and scale up to meet future business growth.

Suitable for Testing New Applications

When your developers design new applications, they need to test them thoroughly on different parameters before putting them into production. Our rented servers are suitable for testing and evaluating the usability, performance, compatibility, functionality, and security of the new applications. The tools for application testing also provide essential data and understanding to the server administrators and developers. They can effectively test how much the application can handle to prepare it for real-time usage.

Save Huge Upfront Investment

If you are a start-up or a small business, a huge upfront investment for acquiring new servers may not be a good decision. Server rental is a more cost-effective option for your new business. You also get to shift to a customized or upgraded configuration of servers as your business needs evolve with renting. Our monthly rental plans are lower in comparison to other service providers. You are sure to save big on costs with our affordable Dell server rentals.

Fast Returns for Temporary Projects

Dell servers on rent from us are the best choice for your short-term projects that last only for a limited duration, like one month or a few months. For such temporary projects, buying new servers can be a costly move. Our server rentals will enable faster returns for your temporary projects like data migration, cloud transition, testing environments, etc., by maximizing the performance and completing them quickly.

Customize to Your Exact Requirements

We provide multiple configurations for different Dell server models on rent. You can choose the configuration most suitable for your budget and business needs. We have different capacities for RAM and storage and processors with different core count available with us. You will get everything at Cyberwala – standard server configuration or a high-end one, to exactly match your requirements. We maintain all the industry standards while custom configuring your Dell server.

Additional Discounts on Long Term Rentals

Our Dell server rental plans are the most reasonably-priced plans in the market. On top of that, we also offer additional discounts on rented servers taken for the long term. We understand your business needs and that some projects can take a longer time to finish because of various factors. You can rent the Dell PowerEdge servers from us to enhance your applications and business’s performance and avail of special discounts on long-term rentals.

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