Tally and cloud

tally and cloud

Tally and cloud

Are you a small business or a startup and don’t want to maintain in-house servers? Or, are you a business with multiple branches and want to have centralized Tally ERP software that can be accessed from all your locations? Cyberwala brings you Tally on cloud, a cloud service that runs your Tally software on our cloud servers. This gives you the freedom to access your Tally from any device running on any operating system (OS). With our cloud service, your Tally and its data are hosted in our high-speed Virtual Machines (VMs), located in our advanced tier 3 data centres. Your Tally application is published using the remote desktop protocol (RDP) which you can access from anywhere. We provide you cloud-based tally software which is totally secure as our Tally on cloud is stored in a separate VM for every client, and only the Tally application is published to users that makes it more secure. We offer flexible monthly plans for Tally on cloud to suit your budget and business size. Our cloud service for Tally ensures a 100% of uptime, unmetered bandwidth, round the clock server monitoring and free backup solutions and technical assistance from our experts.

Fully Optimized For Tally Application :

If you are a startup or a small business, our cloud service for Tally is an optimal solution for you. You don’t have to take the pain of maintaining the hardware, computing resources and infrastructure for in-house servers. Our Tally on cloud service creates an environment for you that is very simple and convenient. You get your own application VM and storage and network resources. You don’t have to share your private cloud environment and resources with anyone.

24/7 Server Monitoring :

We not only provide you with an effective Tally on cloud service but also monitor the cloud server that runs your Tally, round the clock to ensure its smooth functioning. Server monitoring is a crucial part of our service for ensuring the highest uptime. Our server engineers monitor the Tally server on cloud and inform you timely about any probable downtime. They also perform security checks regularly before any issues emerge and result in a major interruption for your tally software.

Free Backup Solution :

With our Tally on cloud service, comes free backup solutions to save your data and prevent its loss. It provides you with an automated backup tool that enables you to save data on your local backup devices quickly. It helps you a great deal in being prepared for any unexpected event. We also provide secure backup space on network-attached storage at our data center. You can take periodic manual or automated backups of your Tally software or data files there.

100% Uptime :

Cyberwala’ cloud server for Tally makes your application work consistently as it provides a 100% up time and undisturbed availability. You can access your Tally from anywhere, not necessarily from one device where it is installed. Our high performing cloud server makes the Tally software available for you all the time, across all your devices. Our advanced 3 tier data centers provide centrality infrastructure so that downtime is never a barrier to your business performance.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Our cloud servers give you access to our state-of-the-art network so that you get the benefits of our reliable and high-tech cloud servers and enhance the performance of your Tally. They provide you with fantastic speed, unmetered bandwidth and unmatched connectivity for your Tally workflows. We do not keep any periodic caps or restrictions on your bandwidth usage, nor we charge anything additional for your high bandwidth use.

Free Tech Support :

We provide you the best, free of cost technical support to address and fix any issues related to performance of your Tally ERP on our cloud. You can contact us anytime through chat, phone or email for all the support services you need for hassle-free operations of the Tally software. With our round the clock professional technical support, we ensure that you don’t witness any downtimes or delays in daily operations of your Tally.

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