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Do you want your website or application to perform exclusively, without having to share resources with other users? Do you want to exercise complete control over your server and manage it on your own? If these and more security and reliability are your concerns, you should move from shared hosting to virtual private server (VPS) hosting. VPS is a virtual server, your private server – one in many, created on one physical server. So, you can use all the allocated resources for your business operations and others’ tasks won’t have any effect on the performance of your site or applications. VPS hosting is more secure and gives the control in your hands. You can use extra security options for your own server. Cost wise also, a VPS server is much more reasonable on budget. Cyberwala offers affordable virtual server hosting plans for improved performance of your business, with great security features and SSL certification, scalable resources and guaranteed 100% uptime. We provide unmetered bandwidth with no cap on high usage and round the clock technical assistance to keep your business available online all the time.

Reliable & Secure Service :

Our VPS hosting solutions provide greater stability and reliability in comparison to shared hosting. Lesser number of servers hosted on a single node ensures higher uptime resulting in better performance. Other users on the same server cannot access or use the resources allocated for you. You are in complete control of the security and server monitoring for any security threats. Not only that, you can put up more security tools, firewalls or install security patches for your server.

cloud server monitoring :

Cyberwala is a quality provider of all the essential services required for good management and maintenance of your VPS. You can opt for managed VPS hosting from us for efficient running of your server and business. You can choose from web server monitoring or cloud server monitoring. We provide software upgrades and hardware maintenance along with the usual security patches. Backup cloud service is also available for backing up and storing your data on a remote server.

affordable hosting plans

Our VPS hosting plans are available in multiple options with different technical components, supported on virtualized infrastructure. They come with high-performing Intel processors and integral SSD storage. Our pocket-friendly VPS hosting plans also come in self-managed and fully-managed options. With VPS hosting, only few users share the allocated sections of memory, hard drive space and processor power, which boosts the performance of your business. We are one of the leading and cost-efficient VPS hosting providers in the market.

Add-Ons and Enhanced Features :

Unlike traditional servers, virtual servers can easily adapt and upgrade to the newest technologies. The driving force behind virtual servers is automation that can create and alter them easily. Just by using the point and click method, you can easily enhance a server’s features or use add-ons. You can quickly add a load balancer to your servers, set up a firewall for one or multiple systems or even have a control over the public IP addresses being used between different devices.

Personalized Operating system :

Our powerful VPS offers a broad range of operating systems (OS) for enhanced performance and better reliability. You can choose the one that suits you the best and leave the installation part to us. If your application is built using MySQL, PHP, Python or Ruby, Linux VPS server is ideal for you. Whereas for applications built in MSSQL and ASP.net, we recommend Windows VPS. For any specific application or use also, VPS is available, like VPS Forex or VPS shared hosting.

Scalable resources :

You can depend on our completely scalable environment to easily upgrade or downgrade, based on your business needs. You can even upgrade your full VPS hosting account, whether single or multiple domains. We upgrade our VPS resources like memory, storage capacity or processor according to your changing requirements, with just a few clicks. We ensure there is no data loss or any downtime. You can go for multiple domain hosting, upgrade hosting resources, install custom-built applications or run any program.

100% uptime :

As a top-quality VPS hosting service provider, we ensure that we give you an uptime of 100% so that your business or website is available online for the longest time and loads and runs at higher speed. This is possible as with VPS server, you get separate resources and server space for your website. These are not shared with any other user or website; you are the owner.

Unmetered bandwidth :

The best thing about our VPS is that it is always functioning, giving you unlimited and unmetered bandwidth with high connection speed. This allows your application or website to perform as it should, in spite of network downtime, an outage or any other setback. There is no monthly bandwidth limit and our hosting packages have no extra cost associated with your high usage of bandwidth.

SSL Certified :

Our VPS hosting is secure socket layer (SSL) certified and hence offers an intensive data protection. SSL is a technology which encrypts the communication between a website and its users. The encryption ensures that sensitive data such as usernames, their passwords and credit card information, etc. is transferred from the user to the website without the threat of interception. SSL certificate ensures complete security of users’ data and safe browsing of websites for them.

24/7 tech support :

After you sign up for your VPS hosting plan from us, our support team will instantly undertake the setup process. You can begin using your virtual server immediately as you receive the login credentials for server and control panel. Our technical team also assists you in security, updates and account maintenance. They ensure that you don’t face any delays or downtimes in running your business. You can contact us through phone, live chat, or email for any queries or issues.

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