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Reseller Hosting

Are you looking to purchase a reseller web hosting package and resell it to your clients as your own hosting business? There is a huge demand and market for web hosting services as everything is online these days. Cyberwala offers effective and cost-efficient reseller hosting services with advanced features. You can set up your own features and prices to resell to a particular niche of users searching for the kind of services you will offer, like being an email hosting reseller. How it works – our reseller hosting or domain reseller solution allows you to allocate server space, bandwidth, and the other resources to your customers. You can apply a markup on the total cost of the service and make returns from your clients. We are one of the top reseller hosting service providers who offer you a great package of hosting solutions accompanied by our free cost migration and technical support. We maintain 100% of uptime regularly as our servers are located in tier 4 data centers. We provide advanced security features like IPS, IDS, and firewalls and data backup provisions.

Hosted on 4 Tier Data Center :

We provide you reseller hosting through high-powered and reliable servers hosted in the most sophisticated 4 tier data centers. You get double the reserve power and cooling technology to keep your applications or website running even if an outage occurs. Our advanced data centers enable the seamless functioning of your server to ensure high uptime. Our servers are fault-tolerant, with high power outage protection and minimal annual downtime.

WAF, IPS, IDS, and Firewall Security :

Our servers are extremely secure as they are backed by the most advanced firewalls, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to protect your reseller hosted domain from any threats like cyber-attacks and any data breaches. Additionally, a web application firewall (WAF) can be installed to create a protective shield between the internet and the web app; this shield helps you mitigate numerous common attacks on your website or application. .

100% Uptime :

At Cyberwala, our main concern is on creating an error-free and the most reliable hosting experience for all our customers. Our reseller hosting solution will make your website or applications work uninterrupted routinely as we consistently maintain our uptime at 100%. Our servers are the most advanced and secure and ensure that your business runs online 24X7, and users can access your website from anywhere. With our hosting, there are no delays or downtime.

Free Migration Support :

Among the many vital functions as reseller hosts, we provide free migration support for our customers. If you have multiple domains or are not able to gather your site files, we will help you in migrating your account to our reseller hosting environment. Our very skilled staff makes use of innovative technology to make site migration for you easy. We will transfer all of your files, images, emails, databases, everything – to make the site migration a complete success.

24/7 Free Customer Support

We believe that we can achieve a successful business relationship with you as we completely understand your needs. Our free customer support is available for you round the clock. We extend our support to you to install OS, reseller server customization and management, site and database migration, security, server administration, and much more. We ensure a fast response to all your queries within 24 hours.

Bulletproof Security :

We at Cyberwala will actively monitor reseller hosting servers not just to ensure the physical security of your server but also that there is bulletproof security to protect the server against any cyber threats like malicious software and hacker and DDoS attacks, etc. Our bulletproof security will protect your site files and database with multiple layers of security and protection. We help you monitor all points of attack and protect them with the extensive automated security systems.

Data Backups Available :

We understand that for successful operations of your website or application, your files and data backup is essential. Backup now and then are also necessary to defend your business data. We provide regular periodic data backups as per your requirement and help you prevent any data loss due to a hardware failure or an external crisis. We take the backup of files, data, applications, or databases on an in-house or remote backup server.

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