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Dell Precision T7810 workstation

  • Evolution of Productivity Workstation
  • Graphic Workload Oriented
  • Better Apps Execution
  • Ability to Multi-Thread Tasking
  • Impressive Storage Flexibility
  • Memory Error Correction technology
  • Quick Quotation Submitted
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • Delivered Anywhere in India
  • Qualified Technical Assistance
  • Complete 3 Years Warranty



better apps execution

Evolution of Productivity Workstation

The Dell Precision T7810 workstation spells a new generation of workstations that promise improved productivity, better efficiency and stronger performance. Multi-tasking with ease through multi-cores and frequencies, handling large databases, improvement in performance, a wide choice of graphical cards are just a few ways this new and improved workstation will help add wings to your ideas. Buy this machine from Cyberwala at the best prices, with free tech assistance and 90 days warranty

Graphic Workload Oriented

Graphic Workload-Oriented for Dell T7810 Workstation, providing support for 2 PCIe x 16 second and third generation cards. There are a variety of options to choose from based on the quality of output your organization requires. For entry-level 3D cards, options include AMD FirePro W2100, NVIDIA Quadro K420, and AMD FirePro W4100. For mid-level 3D cards, you can choose from AMD FirePro W7100, AMD FirePro W5100, NVIDIA Quadro K2200, NVIDIA Quadro M4000, and NVIDIA Quadro M2000.

Better Apps Execution

The Dell T7810 has been configured in such a way that the execution of applications becomes easier and better. With Intel Trusted Execution Technology, you are protected against any emerging threats from BIOS, hypervisor attacks, malware, firmware attacks, and more. This helps in the effective and smooth functioning of the applications. Dell Precision Optimizer is another feature that helps harness the full potential of your applications by optimizing the speeds at which they are run.

Ability to Multi-Thread Tasking

The Dell Precision T7810 workstation comes equipped with Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 series that are capable of handling multi-threaded applications effortlessly. This workstation can have up to two processors with 22 cores each. The E5-2699V4, for instance, is the peak processor in this series with 55MB cache memory, 2.2GHz and 22 cores. For those looking for smaller capacity in their processors, the E5-2660V4 is also a great choice with its 35MB cache, 2GHz, and 14 cores.

Impressive Storage Flexibility

The T7810 has impressive flexibility in its storage. It can accommodate up to four M.2 PCIe SSDs, three 3.5” SATA or four 2.5” SATA/ SAS drives. Using the M.2 PCIe SSD drives, maximum storage capacity reaches 4TB. Maximum storage capacity using 2.5” SATA SSD is 4TB drives and 1.6 TB using SAS SSD. The 2.5” SATA SSD running at 7200 RPM also has a 4*512GB of maximum storage capacity.

Memory Error Correction technology

This workstation has memory error correction technology which helps in the efficient functioning of your system. With 4 DIMM channels per processor, the maximum memory capacity is 256GB 2400MHz DDR4 memory. Using Dell’s Exclusive Reliable Memory Technology, practically all memory errors are eliminated such that your system has more stability. Moreover, this workstation comes with ISV certification, which is proof that the hardware and software run perfectly smoothly and in sync with each other.

Quick Quotation Submitted

Cyberwala provides a quick quotation for the Dell T7810. This quotation will comprehensively list out the price offered by Cyberwala on every single component of the station. This serves two purposes- firstly, it will help you gauge your investment, and secondly, it will also help you to have complete confidence in it.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Cyberwala promises the lowest price on this Dell T7810 workstation. You can check for yourself and compare the prices listed out by various other competitors. Cyberwala provides the lowest prices than others because we source our equipment directly from the OEM in bulk quantities. This helps us give you this wonderful workstation at the best prices.

Delivered Anywhere in India

Cyberwala delivers the T7810 workstation anywhere across the country, no matter which tier city you live in. This facility is provided with other features, such as secure, multi-layer packaging instant dispatch and prompt delivery. You can be absolutely confident that your order will reach your doorstep on the promised date.

Qualified Technical Assistance

Cyberwala provides qualified technical assistance for the Dell Precision T7810 Workstation. This qualified technical assistance is here to help you with any problems that you face with your workstation or clear any doubts that you have with regard to it. Remote assistance, as well as installation support, is provided. You can contact us via live chat, email or phone number at any hour of the day.

Complete 3 Years Warranty

Cyberwala provides the best-in-class warranty for the Dell Precision T7810 workstation. This warranty is the longest provided by any seller, and we are proud to offer this to you. This window period comprehensively covers any issue that you face with your workstation so that your machine comes back to you good as new.

Additional information

Product Brand


Server Size


Supported Processors

Intel Xeon processors

No of Processor sockets


Supported Memory Type


No of Memory Slots

8 DIMM slots

Max Ram Capacity

256 GB

Supported Raid Controllers

RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, Raid 5

4 reviews for Dell Precision T7810 workstation

  1. Ridhan

    Cyberwala provides the most affordable Dell Precision Tower T7810 workstation price in India. Shop this high-performing dual-processor workstation with no delivery charge to get it directly on your doorstep. My system came in proper condition without any damage.

  2. Shashidhar

    Designed with adaptable and expandable features. It is a dual-socket workstation, but you can easily start with one processor as well. If needed, you can add another processor later. Everything is simple to update and simple to use. I found it a satisfactory product.

  3. Deepak

    The Dell Precision tower workstations are built for professionals who always demand performance and reliability. And T7810 is a new solution for you all, whether you are an engineer or a graphic content creator. This workstation is all you are searching for.

  4. Rihaan

    Working as a professional graphic designer, I always wanted a workstation that made all my graphics applications work superbly. Also, I am a budget-constrained person, so it must be pocket-friendly. After much search, I discovered the solution in the Dell T7810 workstation.

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How much storage space can the Dell T7810 workstation provide?

For Dell Precision T7810 workstation supports, the higher limit of storage space goes up to 16TB max. This workstation also supports SATA, SATA/SAS Drives, PCIe SSDs, along with the PCIe SSD NVMe drive. It allows you to get exceptional, reliable throughput.

What kinds of applications can I run on the Dell T7810?

Since the Dell T7810 workstation has two processors installed, more number of cores, and delivers higher frequency, it is suitable for various complex workloads. It shows enhanced support for compute-intensive multi-threaded applications.

Is a warranty included with this workstation?

We offer you an iron-clad 3-year of warranty on our Dell T7810 workstation. It is the longest-term warranty that any seller can provide you. If you face any issue with the system, you can approach us without any hesitation.

What type of security features does it have?

With Intel Trusted Execution Technology, your Dell T7810 workstation will remain secure against various threats including malware, firmware attacks, hypervisor attacks, and BIOS, among others. This workstation includes powerful endpoint security solutions and provides advanced authentication and thorough encryption.

Do you just deliver to big cities or all across the country?

Irrespective of the city you reside in, we will deliver this workstation to you in the shortest time possible. We package it securely, dispatch it instantly, and deliver it as per the promised date across India.