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Dell Precision 5820 Tower Workstation

  • Highly Scalable Storage
  • 2.5” SATA SSD drives
  • 6 x 1TB storage
  • maximum storage is 5 x 4TB
  • Intel Xeon W Processor Family
  • 18 cores at 2.3 GHz
  • 3Years Onsite Warranty
  • 24/7 Technical Support Team
  • Quick Shipping in India



The Dell Precision 5820 Tower Workstation is a thoughtfully designed workstation that is ideal for a huge range of graphical workloads. Starting with the multi-thread count to the graphical acceleration capabilities, this workstation is designed to easily execute heavy assignments, including virtual reality. Highly scalable storage capacity and good RAM give great performance magnitude. Buy this workstation from Cyberwala for the most affordable prices. We offer the most competitive and reasonable prices for this workstation compared to any other vendor.

crafted for graphics acceleration

Thoughtful Designed Workstation:

The Dell 5820 Workstation is designed thoughtfully, supporting full scalability is not just storage but also input/ output ports. Designed to give you the freedom of building your own creative atmosphere, this workstation comes with a load of features. These include the optional Smart Card (CAC/PIV) readers as well as lockable hard drive carriers. The integrated rear and front handles make it deployment-friendly. For easy serviceability, a tool-less power supply is provided which is lockable and can be accessed externally.

Crafted for Graphics Acceleration:

The Dell Precision 5820 Tower Workstation is crafted for high-quality graphics rendered at highly accelerated speeds. Compatible with a wide range of graphic cards, this workstation provides a lot of flexibility in its choices. The high-end 3D cards compatible with this Dell Precision 5820 Tower workstation are Radeon Pro WX 9100, NVIDIA Quadro GP100, NVIDIA Quadro P5000 and Radeon Pro SSG.

Boosted by Intel Xeon W Processor Family:

This workstation is boosted by Intel Xeon W Processor Family (Skylake-W) which is optimized in a single-socket form. It is packed with features such as Intel Trusted Execution Technology, Optimized Intel Turbo Boost, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions, and optional Intel vPro™ technology. The Intel W-2102 processor is quad-core at 2.9GHz, the Xeon W-2145 has 8 cores at a 3.7GHz frequency and the Xeon W-2155 processor has 10-cores with 3.3GHz frequency. The highest core count is that of the Xeon W-2195 with 18 cores at 2.3 GHz.

Free Sales Guidance:

Cyberwala provides free sales guidance on the Dell Precision 5820 workstation. If you have any doubts regarding the workstation, suitable configurations for your business, and prices, they will be solved by our sales team. You can access them at any time through email, live chats, or phone calls. Be assured that easing your concern is our top priority.

Delivered Anywhere in India:

Cyberwala is ready to deliver the Dell 5820 workstation anywhere across India. No matter which corner of the country you live in i.e. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, or Kolkata you can be sure that our team will assemble your order the second you purchase it. We will wrap it securely in multi-layer packaging before the dispatch and make sure that it reaches your destination right on the time without any delay.

Qualified Technical Team:

Cyberwala provides qualified technical assistance for the Dell 5820 workstation. This assistance is provided to you even before the purchase with pre-sale clarifications to post-dispatch. We offer installation support, virtual demos, and prompt response to any concerns you have. You can reach out to our certified, well-experienced professionals via chat, email, or phone calls.

Suitable for All Workloads:

Varied Diversity of workloads can be handled by The Dell Precision 5820 Tower workstation. From something as basic as Photoshop to complex projects such as creating workflows for virtual reality. This is backed by the workstation’s excellent RAM performance. With 8 DIMM slots and 4 channel memory available, maximum memory goes up to 256GB 2666MHz DDR4 ECC. The processor installed largely determines the memory speed of this workstation.

High Storage Flexibility:

The Dell 5820 workstation has high storage flexibility, making it adept at storing large files, huge databases, and more. Using 2.5” SATA SSD drives, 6 x 1TB storage can be reached. Using a 2.5” SAS SSD, there’s a wide selection of RPM to choose from. At 10k RPM and 12 Gb/s, the maximum SAS SSD storage is 6 x 1.8 TB, and using a 15k RPM at 12Gb/s, maximum storage can reach up to 6 x 900GB. For 3.5” SAS SSD drives, running at 7200 RPM at 12Gb/s, maximum storage is 5 x 4TB.

Complete 3 Years Warranty

Cyberwala provides a complete 3 Year warranty for the Dell Precision 5820 workstation. This warranty period is one of the longest duration provided by any vendor. During this warranty period, we at Cyberwala are ready to resolve any problems you’ve regarding this workstation. You can be sure that within the stipulations of the warranty card, your Dell Precision 5820 Tower workstation is fully taken care of.

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1u Rack

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Intel Xeon Skylake-W Series of Processors

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6 reviews for Dell Precision 5820 Tower Workstation

  1. Vihaan

    The major difference between a standard computer and a workstation is its durability. You will get a low-cost system, but it will not provide the enterprise-level features that a 5820 tower workstation can. It comes with zero downtime and high-level performance.

  2. Supriya

    Suitable for any multimedia profession and animation application, the 5820 tower workstation by Dell has now become a top choice for graphic designers. It assists in achieving an accurate result and increasing productivity.

  3. Dikshith varma

    Get the ultimate result without sacrificing your budget. Buy the 5820 tower workstation only with Cyberwala along with a 3-year standard warranty. They offer free home delivery and installation, and a 24/7 customer support system.

  4. Chaitan Setty

    Designed on the concept of better, cheaper, and faster. I have tested this workstation and found it quite impressive in features, specifications, and performance. As we see the design, the size looks more like a mid-sized tower but feels much slimmer.

  5. SriHarsha

    When it comes to fitting under your IT workload environment, it is packed with all-rounder features to handle complex projects and run smoothly with no errors. And if you are concerned about the price, this can be solved by Cyberwala.

  6. Rithwik Saradhi

    The Dell Precision 5820 tower price is reasonable for its solid features and configuration that have been designed especially to handle critical tasks for designers, graphics professionals, and video editors’ day-to-day activities seamlessly.

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Which operating systems does the Dell Precision 5820 workstation support?

The Dell Precision 5820 tower workstation can support Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit as well as various Linux operating systems such as the RHEL 7.3, NeoKylin v6.0 and Ubuntu 16.04.

If I need to make configuration upgrades in future, will you support it?

Yes, Cyberwala provides complete support for future configuration upgrades for the Dell Precision 5820 tower workstation. You can get additional storage drives installed to increase the storage capacity and also get another processor installed. For more information about the upgrades, you can contact the Cyberwala tech support team.

How can I get in touch with your teams?

We provide multiple ways of communication that our customers can use to contact us regarding any query they have. Our teams are available around the clock, and you could contact us through email, chat and phone. We will provide quick solutions to your queries within a matter of a few minutes.

Can I return the workstation if I have a problem with it?

The Dell Precision 5820 tower workstation comes with an assured 3 years warranty. If within a few days of the delivery of the product, you encounter any problem within the workstation, you can contact us. The damage done to the workstation by the user will not be covered by the warranty.

Will I get a replacement choice?

Yes, you do get a choice to replace the Dell Precision 5820 tower workstation if there is any damage or fault. You can get the workstation replaced without paying anything extra. However, the product replacement should follow the pre-defined conditions of our warranty service.