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HP Z620 Workstation

  • Good Server for Video Editing
  • Excellent Processing Unit
  • Form Factor : Tower
  • Max RAM: 192GB
  • Max Cores: 12Cores
  • Max Storage: 12TB
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Best Discount Prices
  • Quick Shipping All Over India



Are you looking for a powerful workstation that is ideal for computer graphics, multimedia, or post-production work? Are you interested in creating short videos or lengthy movies? Do you want to provide your employees with a high-performing workstation? If yes, buy HP Z620 Workstation from Cyberwala. This workstation is reliable and of premium quality with amazing video editing and rendering features. It accelerates your workloads and is designed for data analytics and research. You can run numerous applications, including 2D and 3D modeling and this workstation is ISV certified, i.e., you can run professional software programs developed by different companies. With high-speed memory, multiple storage options, and two processors on board, experience the ultimate performance that your business demands. We also provide customized configuration. All you need to do is contact us with your business requirements, and we will suggest the best suitable configuration. We sell both pre-configured and customized workstations. Invest less amount and experience high performance with this refurbished workstation. Buy HP Z620 and enjoy the benefits of higher discounts, free installation support, doorstep delivery, and a one-year assured warranty.

servers with high core count

Good Workstation for Video Editing

If you are searching for a high-performing workstation for all your video editing needs, then HP Z620 is the one. It has a high graphical processing capability for video editing, computer graphics, adding special effects, post-production work, etc. This HP workstation supports many variants of Graphics cards like NVIDIA NVS 310 512MB, NVIDIA Quadro 410 512MB, NVIDIA Quadro K2000 2GB, etc. and these cards facilitate video-rendering that too in a short period.

Excellent Processing with Powerful CPUs

Increase your business productivity with the refurbished HP Z620 that can accommodate two processors, and four channels each. If your business demands computing tasks, Z620 is the best choice. The same model processors are to be installed if you want to have two processors on board. The HP Z620 workstation manual recommends many variants of Intel series processors like Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family, E5-2600 v2, E5-1600, E5-1600 v2, etc. that speeds up the boot time and enhances the performance.

Sufficient Storage for Backups

The refurbished HP Z620 workstation supports a maximum of 12TB storage. With large storage space, you can perform your video-editing tasks effortlessly. Transfer lengthy videos and store high-quality images without any space issues. This workstation can accommodate two external 5.25” bays, and three internal 3.5” SATA, SAS HDDs, or SSDs. The HP Z620 workstation drivers provide excellent productivity and performance. This HP Tower workstation also supports PCIe SSDs and RAID controllers which helps in creating backups.

High Memory to run Multiple Applications

The robust HP Z620 workstation supports up to 12 DIMM slots and a maximum memory of 192GB. When two processors and 16GB DIMMs in the twelve slots are installed, you can run multiple applications simultaneously without any lag and achieve maximum memory capacity. This workstation also supports eight-channel ECC (Error-correcting code) of DDR3 standard and transfers up to 1866 MT/S, which is ideal for complex data sets.

Run GPU Intensive Applications

GPU (Graphics processing unit) is responsible for graphics rendering. With the HP Z620 workstation, you can work on applications like AutoCAD, 3D Studio, etc. The Z620 workstation is designed to run GPU-intensive applications and address heavy graphical workloads. When checked with HP Z620 workstation specs, NVIDIA Tesla K20c Compute Processor with NVIDIA Quadro K600, K2000, K4000, and NVIDIA Tesla K40 Computer Processor with QK2000, QK600, or QK5000 are supported which efficiently handles multimedia features like gaming, 3D Visualization, etc.

Tested and Certified by ISVs

The refurbished HP Z620 workstation is tested and then certified. If a workstation is an Independent software vendor (ISV) certified, it means the software and hardware is protected and works with various professional applications developed by companies like AVEVA, Bentley, Siemens, Adobe, Intergraph, and many more. Cyberwala is committed to providing the best quality workstations, and you can experience optimal performance with the refurbished Z620 workstation.

Free Installation Support

The HP Z620 workstation will be delivered to your address with all the parts and OS installed. Once you receive it, you can plug in and start using it. Before dispatch, engineers will upgrade the workstation with the latest technologies and carry out testing to check its functioning. We ensure that the workstation meets your business demands. You can also contact us to get remote support from our experts regarding necessary installation and connections.

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Buy HP Z620 from Cyberwala and enjoy quick delivery. We are partnered with the best courier service providers all over India, and they make sure that your HP workstation is safely packed and delivered on time. We ship our products to almost all the cities in India like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Noida, etc, and even to remote locations.

1-year warranty

At Cyberwala, we provide a one-year warranty for refurbished HP Z620 workstations. Each workstation is certified, and multi-level tested such that it withstands heavy workloads. If you face any issue with any part of the workstation, you can reach out to us immediately. We will repair or provide a replacement for the defective part. If there is an issue with software or OS, remote assistance will be offered.

Additional information

Product Brand


Server Size


Supported Processors

Intel Xeon E5-2600

Supported Memory Type


Max Ram Capacity


Maximum Storage Capacity

12 TB

No of Processor sockets


No of Memory Slots


8 reviews for HP Z620 Workstation

  1. Laxman Kanche

    This workstation is the best solution for video editing as it supports different types of graphic cards NVIDIA NVS 310, NVIDIA Quadro K2000, etc. The support team at Cyberwala is providing reasonable assistance.

  2. Mohammed Farhan

    I have received the workstation within the mentioned deadline and delivers the best performance in achieving the business needs. The support from your team is excellent and appreciative.

  3. Bhavani godumala

    This HP workstation is providing enhanced performance and speeding up the boot time. It is an ideal solution for excellent video editing and rendering features. I have accomplished my business goals with its rapid processing and high storage.

  4. Raghupathi Guduri

    The workstation HP Z620 is the most suitable type for my business needs, and it gives excellent productivity and enhanced performance. It makes it easier to perform the activities without facing any difficulties.

  5. Bhaavik Sangam

    I was impressed with the performance of the HP workstation when processing the 3D models and CAD models. I had achieved the goals effectively and get attracted more clients to my business. Thanks to Cyberwala.

  6. Aarush Methari

    The high-performing workstation gives ultimate performance for my multimedia organization. It allows me to perform various activities like adding special effects, video editing, and post-production, etc., efficiently with the benefits of free installation support and a one-year assured delivery.

  7. Sankeerth Jain

    This workstation is reasonably fit for my gaming industry and efficiently handles the features of visualization. However, the embedded processor runs the GPU intensive applications effectively without degrading the performance.

  8. Raju kakarla

    I need an excellent workstation in terms of rapid processing for video editing. I have purchased the HP Z620 workstation, and it provides excellent output in running multiple video applications reliably.

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Which Intel processors are compatible with the HP Z620 workstation?

HP Z620 workstation supports next Gen Intel powerful processing with single and dual processor support. It supports a single Intel E5-1600 series with 8 cores or double E5-2600 series with 16 cores. Do more with full-range processing.

What makes this workstation unique in graphics performance?

Give your ideas that graphics a boost with HP Z620 workstations’s Gen3 graphics technology with next Gen PCI slots, support from NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards and powerful Intel processing. Power upto eight displays with efficient 800W power supply.

What operating systems are available on the new HP Z620 Workstation?

HPZ620 is capable of supporting various versions of Windows including Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, Windows 7 Pro 32bit and 64bit, Windows 7 ultimate 64bit. It also supports Linux and Red Hat and Suse Enterprise editions.

How can I make payment for my order?

Cyberwala is open to all online payments through a secure gateway. We accept all kinds of credit and debit cards from various banks. NEFT transactions are also accepted. Once the payment is made, the product is sent to the shipping address.

Do I have the option of a replacement?

Post purchase you will have a one year warranty period during which if there's any problem with the parts or the product, it will be replaced or repaired with extra cost under certain warranty conditions.