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IBM System x3200 M3 (7328INH) Tower Server

  • PN: 7328INH
  • One Socket Tower
  • Intel Xeon X 3430 (Quad Core)
  • 2.4Ghz 8MB Cache
  • 1333 MHz, 1x2GB Memory
  • 1x300GB SAS 15k RPM, 3.5″ Hot Swap
  • DVD ROM,Integrated RAID 01
  • 3Years Onsite Warranty


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Do you want a server that can manage the growing volume of data for your organization while maintaining high performance? The IBM x3200 M3 tower server brings high reliability, security, and efficiency with it? It supports different powerful processors from Intel and gives a superb performance. This server also has a large memory configuration and storage capacity. The IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager helps to monitor energy consumption and usage and the highly efficient power supplies help in reducing the overall power costs. This server system is encased in a 5U rack. It is ideal for various types of businesses and industries, namely, SMBs, banking, retail, large-scale enterprises, and insurance companies who want scalability, high-end execution, and reliable features at a very reasonable price.

single socket high performing tower server

Single-socket High Performing Tower Server

A single socket in a server means that the server can only hold up to 1 processor at a time but IBM System x3200 M3 Server offers upgraded elements and execution to assist you with foreground security, setup adaptability, accessibility, and unwavering quality which is conveyed at an affordable cost in a single-socket server.

Designed to meet a variety of business needs

This tower server is engineered to fulfil a variety of business objectives while also allowing you to adapt to the evolving company needs, and distributed applications to frontend workload. It helps in providing the processing power that you require to keep up with your growing business demands.

Supports Advanced Intel Xeon Processors

IBM System x3200 M3 tower server can accommodate one processor. It can accommodate one dual-core processor from Intel Pentium G6950(up to 2.8 GHz), one quad-core processor from Intel Xeon 3400 series processor(up to 3.06GHz), or one dual-core processor from Intel Core i3 series(up to 3.2GHz).

Vast Memory and Disk Storage Capacity

The IBM System x3200 M3 server has up to six DDR3 UDIMM Or RDIMM slots depending on the processor. It can have 32GB as max memory. It can have a maximum of 7.2TB internal storage with four 3.5-inch bays for SATA/SAS drives and eight 2.5” bays for SAS drives.

Effective Power Management for Reduced Costs

The System x3200 M3 server delivers advanced power management features with real-time energy monitoring and reporting and saves on power costs. It comes with a voltage-sensing 400 W power supply that has the auto-restart option, supports multiple configurations, and reduces intervention by the operator after the power goes off temporarily.

Built-in Security and Easy Manageability

The IBM System x3200 M3 server has many built-in security features with which it can perform predictive failure analysis, monitor the server availability and trigger the IBM Systems Director alerts. A mechanical lock is provided which allows locking the system to prevent unauthorized personnel access to servers’ internal components.

9 reviews for IBM System x3200 M3 (7328INH) Tower Server

  1. Dheeraj Roy

    Perfect tower server with better cooling. It doesn’t drain out my room temperature. It is highly suitable for general purpose tasks, communication purposes and better networking. Coming to the price, it is worth paying to access such a wide range of features.

  2. Kiran Kumar

    Satisfactory performance. Easily handle every type of workload with excellent processing speed and suitable storage and memory. I bought this server from this platform as it was cost-effective as compared to other websites.

  3. Madhu Sudhan

    Tons of options to buy a server online, but I always count on Cyberwala for the purchase. Due to my past experiences and the way your tech team handled my requirements, replacement, and everything is exceptional.

  4. Shiva Kumar

    Incredible shipping services regardless of the location. How you even manage to ship the product within two business days to the end-user. I received mine within two days of order confirmation and effortlessly using it.

  5. Sundhar T

    I was in search of an ideal tower server that can be easily upgraded with future requirements. With a 7328inh tower server, I can easily access it without paying a lot of extra charges. I get the option of adding features as per my requirement, so it is a great option.

  6. Kamlesh Kanna

    With time, the business requirements increased, and I was in doubt whether the Ibm system x3200 m3 7328inh tower server would manage this increased load. But your tech team is a saviour, and they expanded the necessary configurations so that I don’t have to look for another server.

  7. raghi ravi

    The sole reason to buy this server was numerous features. I needed exclusive bulk features at one point. x3200 m3 tower server is an excellent server for exceptional performance, flexible enough to grow as per changing needs, high security with superior energy efficiency.

  8. arbaz khan

    In this pandemic, all I needed was a perfect system to handle the necessary application through remote access. My previous server was out of date and couldn’t help me out. I invested in an x3200 m3 tower server, and that is it!! Problem solved.

  9. anvesh

    The only reason to choose Cyberwala for the purchase of this server is their services. I have bought my previous servers from you only, and to date, I have not encountered any problem. Unexpected performance at this price range.

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What storage and memory capacities does the IBM x3200 M3 server support?

IBM X3200 M3 are high-performing servers offering vast disk storage and memory capacities. It supports up to a maximum of 16 GB with 4 populated DIMM slots and 4 GB DDR3 UDIMMs. It also supports maximum memory of up to 32 GB with 4 populated DIMM slots and 8 GB DDR3 RDIMMs.

How many expansion slots are available with the server?

This server has altogether six expansion slots. It includes one PCI-express x4 Gen 2 (dedicated to RAID controller) which is an internal slot. The other five slots are externally accessible. These are two PCI-Express x8, two 32-bit/33 MHz PCI, and one PCI-Express x4 slot.

What kind of security features does it provide?

The security features available with this server include Trusted Platform Module (TPM), administrator's password, and power-on password. It supports industry-standard AES NI that enables stronger, faster encryption. Remote management is also performed with robust encryption.

Do you offer additional discounts for bulk orders?

At Cyberwala, we provide our customers with the best offer prices on IBM System x3200 M3 servers. If you choose to buy in bulk, you will avail of additional discounts. We have exciting offers that come with bulk orders that will certainly benefit you. Contact us today.

Does the server price include GST?

Our platform offers the lowest price possible for this tower server. It is typically exclusive of most taxes. While billing, we only add the %age of GST for the server as mandated by the government. Apart from this, you will not face any additional or hidden costs.