Dell PowerEdge T610 Tower Server

  • Product Brand: Dell
  • Server Size: 5U Rack
  • Supported processors: Intel Xeon processors 5500 and 5600 series
  • No of Memory Slots: 12 DIMM’S
  • Max Ram Capacity: 96GB
  • Maximum Storage Capacity: 16TB
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Need a tower server that is easily expandable and efficient all the while meeting the growing IT and virtualization needs of your establishment? Dell PowerEdge T610 tower server is here to sort your IT demands. Convertible to a 5U rack server on demand, it delivers high performance and improved uptime. It offers scalable RAM upto 192GB in 12 DIMM slots at a speed of 1333 MT/s with. It has readily available 5 Gen 2 PCIe slots for further customization and expansion. With embedded hypervisors, achieve enhanced virtualization and with Dell’s integrated OpenManage, monitor, control, and simplify daily tasks. Get your Dell T610 at Cyberwala at amazing discounts and save money and energy with the PowerEdge T610 server’s improved energy optimization technology and thermal management.

high performance 5u rack server

High-performance 5U Rack/Tower Server

This tower server can be converted into a 5U rack server with the help of a conversion kit, making it suitable for space-constrained workspaces. The server is adaptable in design and delivers apt performance while handling mission-critical workloads. Highly Customizable in nature, it matches all the needs of your business applications.

Contributor to a Sturdy IT Foundation

Dell PowerEdge T610 offers expandable storage and memory options, and optimum processing power from Intel Xeon. It contributes to making a strong IT foundation for your organization by providing capabilities for usability, system management, and virtualization. You can achieve energy efficiency with its excellent thermal and power management.

Two Sockets for Intel Xeon Processors

Powerful processing and computing are required to operate various workloads effortlessly. With sockets for two processors, the Dell T610 server can support Intel Xeon processors from te 5500 and 5600 series in quad- or six-core configurations. The Intel Xeon processors deliver enhanced performance and output and seamlessly support virtualization.

Efficient Storage Configuration

Allowing expandable storage to meet present and future storage demands, PowerEdge T610 gives the options to configure with either 8×2.5’’ or 8×3.5’’ SATA, SASm or Nearline SAS SSDs. It provides up to 24 TB of maximum internal storage and the storage can be scaled up further when required.

Embedded Hypervisors for Virtualization

Virtualization is now embedded in your T610 server for your convenience. Achieve enhanced performance and improved VM deployment with factory-integrated virtualization features that are optional. This service is compatible with various versions of Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and Red Hat, to meet all virtualization needs with just a few clicks.

Systems and Remote Management Capability

Manage your servers remotely from anywhere through iDRAC6 which allows physical and virtual access to your network. The Dell T610 server also offers advanced system management through LifeCycle Controller that simplifies administrative tasks, monitoring, diagnostics, software, and hardware deployment. Also, view your whole IT network with the Dell Management Console.

Additional information

Product Brand


Server Size

5U Tower

Supported Processors

Intel Xeon processors 5500 and 5600 series

No of Processor sockets


Supported Memory Type


Maximum Storage Capacity

16 TB

Supported RAM Options

16GB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB

No of Memory Slots


Max Ram Capacity


Supported Raid Controllers

PERC 6/i, PERC H200, PERC H700, PERC H800

No of PCI Slots


Hard Drive Options


Drive Bays Size

”8 x 2.5”, 8 x 3.5"

Power Supply Type


Remote Management



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