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Dell PowerEdge T440 Tower Server

  • Protect Your IT Investment
  • 61TB of storage capacity
  • Intel Xeon scalable processors
  • 16 DDR4 DIMM slots
  • Easy to Customize
  • Quick Delivery all over India
  • Free Tech Support
  • Exclusive of all taxes
  • 3 year Warranty



The Dell PowerEdge T440 Tower Server is the best entry-level system for small-mid-sized businesses because of its high performance, high capacity, and a range of I/O of options. Though this server is built specifically for remote and branch offices, it also has the scope to fit into the data center environments. The Dell T440 server has a huge expandable capability that can grow with your business needs. Buy this powerful-tower server for the best affordable price that is available at our website-Cyberwala with 3 years warranty

duel socket cpus

Protect Your IT Investment

Investing in this future-proof performance server that is loaded with many security features, and system management tools and has got great storage options, huge memory capacity and is mainly compatible with Intel Xeon scalable processors will etch you with many IT benefits. Payless and gain more by investing in Dell T440 server from Cyberwala.

Storage Scalability Options Available

The Dell PowerEdge T440 Tower Server has various storage scalable options. It has 2 chassis that support 4 and 8 3.5 inches SAS/SATA HHDs and SSDs of up to 80TB storage. The users can also install 2.5-inch drives in 3.5-inch drives using an optional 2.5-inch drive adapter. You can install a PCIe M.2 storage device too. Another option is also featured, where up to 16x 2.5-inch drive bays and 61TB of storage capacity are available.

Dual Sockets for Intel Scalable Processors

The Gen14 T440 server platform supports up to two Intel Xeon scalable processors of up to 14 cores per processor. With these compatible Xeon scalable processors, this server can deliver faster performance with the support of huge memory capacity and enhanced security features.

High-Performance Oriented Server

The R620 server supports the Intel Xeon E5-2600 series of processors and it has 2 sockets being available. The maximum capacity of the server is to handle 8 cores per CPU and with dual CPU power, you can run multiple processes using the power of 16 cores. This helps you enhance performance and have a smooth work transition.

Special Support for Graphic Based Workload

The Dell PowerEdge T440 Tower Server features a high adaptability nature, along with future-proof performance, high memory capacity and a wide range of I/O options that are all suitable for your business workloads. This Dell server comes with 16 DDR4 DIMM slots that support RDIMM and LRDIMM memory modules and supports up to a maximum of 1TB of memory.

Server Systems management Simplified

Dell T440 tower supports 1x NVIDIA NVS 310 and 1x NVIDIA Quadro P4000 GPUs which makes it perfect for businesses with graphics-intensive workloads. The NVIDIA NVS 310 offers great flexibility, scalability, and compatibility that gives you the best existing display infrastructure. The P4000 enables to creation of large and complex designs, rendering realistic images and creating VR experiences.

Upgrade the Server as Required

To meet your growing business requirements, you need to upgrade your server to enhance performance and system efficiency. The Dell T440 server has the flexibility to expand and adapt to the changing business requirement. Upgrade your server whenever needed, and we at Cyberwala will provide full support in the upgradation process.

Get Pre-Sales Support

We have an efficient sales team who are ready to provide pre-sales support on demand. You can contact our sales department to get complete guidance and support to purchase the right server configuration that is suitable for your business under your IT budget

Instant Shipping Anywhere in India

We deliver your Dell PowerEdge T440 Tower Server to any location across India, to the cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. As soon as the order is confirmed, it takes a minimum of 2-3 business days to deliver the server right at your doorstep. In case of emergencies, we provide instant shipping depending on the availability.

24/7 Qualified Support Team

We at Cyberwala provide 24/7 support. We have a qualified, trained and certified support team who will be available through live chat, phone call or emails. You can contact us for support through these means of communication. For any issue related to the server, our support team will provide prominent support without any hassle. We offer solutions to issues like server installation, firewall installation, security issues, processors, etc.

Perfect 3 years Warranty

The Dell T440 tower server comes with 3 years warranty. You get the server parts replacement in case of failures under the warranty period. You can claim for the warranty service by informing us about the issue that has been occurred. We provide an immediate action or replacement as soon as it is brought to our notice.

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5 reviews for Dell PowerEdge T440 Tower Server

  1. Rajveer

    The PowerEdge T440 comes in a rack-capable tower form factor and brings flexibility and dynamic changes to your business. It’s simple to use advanced security features to protect your sensitive data from anywhere, thanks to its cyber-resilient architecture.

  2. Revanth

    By comparing tower server prices from multiple websites, I found CyberWala’s offer price for the T440 server very cheap. This is the best place to deal with workstations and hardware. The service is awesome and the product quality is exactly what you want.

  3. Preetham

    This is the best entry-level server, good for SMB and remote work environments. Easily adapt to a variety of workloads and optimize your performance and expandability. In terms of features, they include a dual processor, good memory space, and enough storage capacity.

  4. Saiteja

    With powerful performance and improved security features compared to the previous model, the Dell PowerEdge T440 is well-suited for both branch and remote business environments. You will get more memory space, multiple storage options, and advanced controller features to have more control over your system.

  5. Jithendhar Goud

    I worked with multiple dealers for servers, workstations, and hardware. However, there will always be some or the other issues, such as delivery delays, cost variations, a lack of a technical team, or a poor support system. But with Cyberwala, I hardly found any issues. Good Job!

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What memory configuration does the Dell T440 have?

Powered by a cutting-edge processor and sufficient memory capacity, the Dell T440 delivers strong performance. The system supports up to 16 DDR4 DIMM slots that can hold memory modules for up to 1TB of capacity at a speed of 2933 MHz.

What are the Supported Operating Systems?

The scalable business architecture of the PowerEdge T440 server optimizes performance and capacity with the following supported operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V, Canonical Ubuntu LTS, SUSE Linux, Enterprise Server, Citrix XenServer, and VMware ESXi.

Does this server create noise?

Absolutely not! The system seeks to maximize performance by combining energy-efficient technologies and smart fan control algorithms that make use of a wide range of sensors that remotely monitor power to decrease fan speeds depending on overall cooling loads, which lowers noise.

Which RAID configuration does Dell T440 offer?

The Dell T440 includes an HW BOSS RAID controller card with many features, as well as an M.2 storage device of 120 GB or 240 GB and update versions for external storage controllers: the S140, H740P, and H840 among others.

Is Cyberwala offering any installation services on this server?

Yes, the installation service is free when a user orders any certified server from any brand through Cyberwala. Even with the lowest price, we guarantee there are no additional fees charged for installation. Once you use the service, you can learn more about us.