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Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R620 Rack Servers

  • General purpose Server for Virtualized Environments
  • Enterprise Level Compact 1U Rack Server
  • Optimal Storage Capacity
  • Dual Socket for processors
  • Advanced Remote Management Available
  • Thoroughly Tested Server Parts
  • Minimal Price for Maximum Performance
  • Upfront Pre-Sales Support



The R620 server is a Hyper-dense 2 socket, 1U rack server with larger memory and impressive I/O options while making it an exceptional platform for space-conscious environments i.e. the workplace with less place affordability for servers. R620 is designed to deliver exceptional performance for a wide range of applications and this is a great server platform that is perfectly suitable for data centers with space consciousness. Buy the R620 server from Cyberwala for the best affordable price.

1u rack server

Dual Socket for processors

The R620 server supports the Intel Xeon E5-2600 series of processors and it has 2 sockets being available. The maximum capacity of the server is to handle 8 cores per CPU and with dual CPU power, you can run multiple processes using the power of 16 cores. This helps you enhance performance and have a smooth work transition.

Enterprise Level Compact 1U Rack Server

To our surprise, R620 server with a 1U form factor, it can hold up to 10-hot-plug disks, adding to extensive specifications constructed to apt with the server to live hosting HPC, virtualization and other challenging datacenter applications.

Optimal Storage Capacity

Used R620 has space for 8/10 hard drives of 2.5 inches depending on the chassis you choose. The server when used to its full potential can expand up to 10TB. The storage is optimal for start-up businesses and initially growing SME firms. You can expand the memory from a minimum of 300GB up to 10TB as per your requirement and on workload demands. Scalability of storage on-demand basis helps you save money at the initial purchase time.

General purpose Server for Virtualized Environments & Application Testing

The Dell refurbished R620 server is designed for demanding workloads for virtualized environments as they need higher memory capacity to level up the number of virtual machines per server and so the R620 is designed particularly for these environmental needs. The R620 server offers an exceptionally large memory footprint with balanced and scalable I/O capabilities. This server also offers high computational density for HPC application bunches by providing strong processing capabilities.

Advanced Remote Management Available

The advanced remote management feature embedded in the R620 server helps IT, administrators, to manage the server in physical, virtual, and remote environments. You can operate the system in-band or out-of-band with or without a system management software agent. Save time checking on the server physically at intervals and use the Remote Management available to keep an eye on the well-being of your server.

Thoroughly Tested Server Parts

The Refurb R620 server available from Cyberwala is quality tested under multiple levels, all its parts are certified and the performance delivery of this server is equivalent to the brand new one. Cyberwala is 100% trusted online site and you can easily rely on us as the entire server comes with a minimum warranty period.

Minimal Price for Maximum Performance

We value for money, as so you do! That’s why we are offering used R620 server are a very basic price which is not available from any other online vendors. R620 server has got everything that an ideal server that you are looking for your business. Invest less and grab more advantage.

Upfront Pre-Sales Support

Our support team at Cyberwala will be there for you and letting you know about the entire server in and out before you take a hands-on. In this way, it will help the customers know what is required for their business needs.

Speedy Delivery to Anywhere in India

Time is a precious thing, and we do not want to waste it. We deliver the R620 server to any location in India including cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. in less than 2-3 business days. We assure you that the server will be right in front of your doorstep exact to the estimated date of delivery

Additional information

Product Brand


Server Size

1u Rack

Supported Processors

Intel Xeon E-2600 and E-2600 V2 Product family

No of Processor sockets


Supported Memory Type


Supported RAM Options

16GB, 32GB, 4GB, 8GB

No of Memory Slots


Max Ram Capacity


Maximum Storage Capacity


Drive Bays Size

10×2.5", 4×2.5" Drives

Hard Drive Options


No of PCI Slots


Supported GPU Card

ATI Fire pro v5800, NVIDIA Quardo 2000, NVIDIA Quardo 600

Supported Raid Controllers

PERC H310, PERC H310P, PERC H710

External RAID Controllers


Power Supply Type



1 year

Remote Management

iDRAC7 Enterprices, iDRAC7 Express, iDRAC7 with Life Cycle Controller

9 reviews for Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R620 Rack Servers

  1. Tanya

    I was not able to choose a particular server to run my business. Then, I recommended purchasing this server from the pre-sales support team, and it has performed well in processing various business applications effectively.

  2. Tanya

    Thanks to the pre-sales support team, which suggests buying this server based on my customization requirements. I have deployed the server and delivered an excellent performance for the data-intensive applications without compromising efficiency.

  3. Indra

    This Dell server has played a crucial role in my business because it makes IT administration easier through remote management. Subsequently, I have reached my goals within a certain period with efficiency.

  4. Pallavi

    Although it is a used server, it doesn’t compromise on providing effective outcomes due to highly qualified tested servers at Cyberwala. No need to worry about the delivery of a server.

  5. Maadhav

    I have a limited IT budget and am not able to buy a new server for my start-up. Accordingly, I have purchased this refurbished server and provided superior performance while handling different high-end applications

  6. Raajeev

    This dual-socket server supports running various applications simultaneously and allows smooth workflows without any defects. I have found that this is available at the lowest price at Cyberwala than other competitive vendors.

  7. Nakshatra

    I have chosen this server and achieved high-end performance in various computation applications according to the business needs. It gives scalability of storage up to 10 TB that has adapted to my growing SME.

  8. Viraj

    By deploying this server at my organization, it provides advanced remote management service so that I have focused on business operations instead of servers operating condition. Thus, productivity has increased.

  9. Ehsaan

    The rack server is an adaptable solution for my data centre and delivers exceptional performance for demanding workloads. It helps to process the workflows effectively in my business and supports the virtualization environments.

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What is the maximum storage capacity of a Dell R620 server?

Run a wide range of applications with potential storage of 10TB. Dell R620 server supports ten or eight  2.5-inch hot-plug SATA/SAS HDD or SSD configurations.

How many expansion slots are available with this server?

Dell PowerEdge  R620 has three PCIe expansion slots for additional I/O support. It also has USB connectors that vary as per chassis configuration.

How to configure iDRAC on Dell PowerEdge R620?

Go to system setup>iDRAC settings>Network> Configure Network details, netmask, user name DNS address > press ESC after configuration > exit menu is displayed> select save changes>press enter. After server configuration, enter BIOS through the iDRAC terminal.

Can I return the server if I have a problem with it?

The server can be returned immediately if it does not function at all after the initial setup, or if some of its parts are defective or non-functioning. For other issues, the free repair or replacement option is there within the warranty period.

How can I get in touch with your support team?

You can connect with us through phone, email, and live chat active on our website. Our customer support is available 24x7 to resolve all your issues.