Dell PowerEdge T340 Tower Server

  • Product Brand  :  Dell
  • Supported Processor: Intel Xeon  E-2200 product family
  • Maximum Storage: 14TB
  • Memory Type: DDR4
  • Maximum Memory: 64GB
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  • 24/7 Technical Support


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Are you planning to expand your business and want to buy a server that is greatly reliable, scalable, and supports enhanced performance? Are you looking for a server with security built into its architecture? Well, then your search stops right here. As you have reached the perfect site to get a solution for all your requirements in one place itself. We offer you a brand new Dell PowerEdge T340 server in tower form factor. It has all the advanced features like embedded security, agent-free intelligent automation, fast sharing and collaboration, easy management, and high scalability for better business performance. What are you waiting for? Get your Dell T340 and enjoy the benefits of a highly flexible server with amazing capabilities.

scalability and performance

Reliable, Scalable Server with Enhanced Performance

The Dell EMC PowerEdge T340 tower server has the potential to drive your business ahead with enhanced performance with up to 100% more cores with powerful Intel Xeon E-2200 processors. It offers an 11% increase in memory speed, up to a 20% greater number for PCIe lanes, and better scalability with 17% higher storage capacity.

Easy to Manage 1-socket Server

Being a single-socket server, the Dell PowerEdge T340 server can take up a single Xeon processor. It is extremely easy to set up, manage and maintain. Hence it is recommended for fast business growth. Through the pro-deploy suite of services of PowerEdge T340, you get up to 66% faster speed.

High Scalability for Business Growth

This server is highly scalable and flexible as per your business requirements. It can operate with 8 hot-plug HDDs/ SSDs including redundant power supplies. With the iDRAC9 enterprise server lockdown mode, it prevents server downtimes. So, now you are free to grow with no limits with this reliable server.

Fast Sharing & Collaboration for Better Business Results

The Dell PowerEdge T340 Tower Server assists you in business development on a high scale through fast sharing and collaboration. It allows you to efficiently manage your work both in the office and in all your remote branches. It is an ideal solution for file sharing, database management, mail and messaging tasks.

Security Built into Server Architecture

We at Cyberwala understand that security is a priority factor in any business. And thus we suggest the Dell PowerEdge T340 tower server for your business. It has embedded cryptographically signed firmware, silicon root of trust, secure erase, secure boot, etc. It supports technologies like system lockdown and optional TPM 1.2/ 2.0 for further secure frameworks.

Intelligent Automation for Agent-free Management

Using the automated proactive and predictive technology you can accelerate your resolution and solve your issues with a maximum of 72% reduced IT efforts. With iDRAC and OpenManage-like tools, you can easily manage multiple remote servers. With these automation features, you can focus more on the growth of your business.

Additional information

Product Brand


Server Size


Supported Processors

Intel Xeon E-2200 product family

No of Processor sockets


Max Ram Capacity


Supported Memory Type


Maximum Storage Capacity


No of Memory Slots


Supported Raid Controllers

PERC H330, PERC H730P, PERC S140

Drive Bays Size

8 x 3.5", 8×2.5" Drives

Power Supply Type


Remote Management

iDRAC9 Enterprise, iDRAC9 Express


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