Refurbished HP Z640 Workstation

  • Refurbished HP Z640 Workstation
  • Boasts ISV Certification
  • It can lodge two processors simultaneously
  • Powerful Performance Latest CPUs
  • Massive Memory for Computing-intensive
  • Scalabel Storage Upto 16TB
  • High End Security
  • Free Hardware Installation Support
  • Cyberwala Replacement Warranty
  • Fast Delivery in Secure Package.




Refurbished HP Z640 Workstation

Do you need a powerful workstation for your designing applications or other post-production work? Looking for the uplift of productivity for your demanding graphical workloads? Then buy our refurbished HP Z640 workstation. It is a precisely designed workstation as per the need of professionals working on resource-heavy software and applications, including CAD and intensive imaging. The HP Z640 is a perfect fit for rendering applications, and AI-based workflows and provides you with ultra fast-performance with massive storage and vast memory. Buy a refurbished HP Z640 workstation from Cyberwala to get a budget-friendly workstation that boasts ISV certification. Also, with us, you get the option to precisely customize the Workstation as per the business needs. You can get the best market price with free hardware installation support and a Cyberwala replacement warranty. We assure fast delivery in a secure package to our clients. For this, we have the best delivery partners to deliver your Workstation within 3-4 business days with multiple layers of packing. The ISV certification ensures that you are getting high-quality products that have undergone rigorous testing procedures.

Suitable For Real Time 3D Rendering

Suitable for Real-Time 3D Rendering

Do you need an absolute workstation to run intense 3D rendering applications such as Maya, Blender, V-Ray, Modo, Unity, KeyShot, and many more? Our Refurbished HP Z640 workstation is a perfect pack of powerful rendering features, including supercilious clock speed, multiple cores, up to 256 GB memory, and graphic cards such as NVIDIA Quadro K2200, AMD FirePro W5100, and NVIDIA Quadro K5200. HP Z640 can efficiently handle far and wide CAD designing workloads.

Accelerate AI & Deep Learning Workflows

If you are looking for a workstation that can maximize your AI and Deep learning workflows’ productivity and cut down the latency, then the HP Z640 workstation is all you need. With excellent processing speed, multiple PCIs slots, turbo boost technology, and massive RAM, you get an accelerated machine learning workflow. With simultaneous two processor support, you can perform multiple intensive tasks with reliable speed and excellent uptime.

Refurbished HP Z640 Workstation

Looking for an ideal workstation to increase the overall performance and get high productivity? The HP Z640 Workstation doubles the performance of your graphical applications to provide you with maximum productivity. It comprises Intel Xeon Scalable Processor supporting up to 44-cores. The HP Z640 can lodge two processors simultaneously, i.e., E5-1600 V3 and E5-2600 V3 processors, to provide enhanced graphics response times and maximum uptime in demanding environments.

Ultra-Fast Memory for Simulation

Are you looking for an ultra-fast workstation with a massive memory for computing-intensive and rigorous applications? With HP Z640 Workstation, you get one point solution for all fiddly tasks such as CAD, rendering, simulation, intricate imaging, complex finance, and geologic exploration. All you need is higher RAM, and with HP Z640, you get up to 256 GB of memory space. You can run various high-end applications in a single instance.

Huge & Scalable Internal Storage

The graphic-aligned refurbished HP Z640 workstation holds up scalable 16TB of storage. The HP Z640 boasts ISV certification and utilizes venture-class SAS or SATA hard drives, in addition to providing a great deal of space to store heavy graphical designs. This distinct, powerful Workstation provides additional storage as per changing needs with 6 PCIe Slots, Intel TLC NAND Flash Enterprise SSDs, and RAID controllers.

Supports Blazing Fast Graphic Cards:

Looking for a highly compatible workstation with CAD, graphics, and visualization workloads, go for the HP Z640 workstation. With the intelligently fixed ISV-certified graphics cards, you can take your graphic design to a higher level with superb visualization capability. Beyond this, it supports an array of fast graphic cards, including NVIDIA Quadro K2200, AMD FirePro W2100, AMD FirePro W5100, and K5200, and NVIDIA Quadro K6000.

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